Five Things I like

Today I want to start a feature on my blog which I really enjoy – to post regularly 5 photos of things I like in the moment. I have been doing it for a while on my other blog (Russian-speaking), and I find it a great way to share, especially in the moments when I am not sure what I want to share about :). Like right now, when I am traveling. I expected to be posting a lot during this trip – you are full of impressions and emotions, so what to do if not to share them on the blog, right? Wrong, I have discovered. Or just not for me. I get so overstimulated by impressions and emotions, that when I come home all I want to do is to fall on my bed and rest. Resting can mean reading or watching Russian bloggers on Youtube 🙂 But there is no energy for creating a lot – my maximum effort is to post a pic on Instagram, and that’s it.

It has been a month since I started this blog, and I know how much energy is needed in the very beginning, just to get the thing up and going (I have read that the airplane uses a lot of its fuel just to get off the earth), to create a momentum. This trip has set my blogger plans on a pause. And while I am writing a list of posts I want to write, and getting big ideas – I have to admit that I need to find a quiet time for those ambitions, and right now I can just play 🙂 Just keep on going with some smaller things. So if you experience that your grand plans keep you procrastinating – start doing small things, just get going, get writing. This is my discovery so far, and I am grateful for it. You never discover such things unless you start taking steps.

Back to the post idea, though. I find it a great way to keep the positive focus in my life – by taking photos of things I like. Not for Instagram or other social media – just for me. Like a moment of appreciation. And later when I scroll through my photos and see how many nice things are there, it is like writing a gratitude journal 🙂 Admitting how beautiful and colorful my life is. I hope, my sharing would inspire you to try this little life-hack. So now I want to share my 5 things of the moment, taken on my way from Norway to Spain.

1. This cup I bought 4 years ago on Fuerteventura because I needed a cup for drinking tea. We stayed in apartment hotel with tiny coffee cups, and this is a sad choice for a tea lover like me. So I bought this one in the souvenir shop and now I love drinking my morning coffee from it. I find it to be a perfect reflection of my state of my mind now: my spirit of explorer, just as the name of this blog  hints about 🙂

2. Our colorful bags are ready for flying all the way to the South. Mine is a pink one, which I bought a couple of years ago, thinking that a pink bag would be easy to spot on the luggage belt in airports. This idea came to many people apparently, because since then I regularly see 4-5 pink bags out there on the belt 🙂

3. Here I love three things: one – my Olympus camera, two – the Spanish copy of InStyle (I am a huge fan of InStyle, and the Spanish version is meant to improve my language skills, haha). And three – the tea pot. I am in love with this heavy tea pot, it feels so old and authentic in my hands. And I appreciate a lot that the Spanish cafes have started to serve tea in the pots. Some years ago it was all in tiny cappuccino cups: half of the cup takes tea bag, the rest – tea. As a great tea lover, I have gone far for getting more tea. With some few Spanish words I was getting extra warm water (“mas agua caliente”) and tea served in wine glasses (little did I know that “copa” means “wine glass” and not “cup”)))). Now the problem solved! I have learnt the Spanish words for “cup”, “glass” and “wine glass”. And – tea pots! Muchas grazias!

4. I just love tiles. And the cafes here love tiles. Instagram loves tiles, too. Which makes me wonder: have this love for tiles come from Spain, from these places? Or did the local hipster designers analyze the Instagram trends and put the tiles everywhere, which makes the bloggers grab their mobiles and snap? Anyway, this trend is wonderful and lovely, and the blue tile is my favorite so far.

img_80825. On our day trip to Girona we found a restaurant “Arroz y peix” (“rice and fish”) which is specialized in the sea food and paellas. The sea food, by the way, is located just in front of you, on the broken ice of the counter, and it is fresh – so fresh, that it moves and waves its claws. While you look at it and choose your starters. I love the sea food, but when it was greeting me, I felt like going vegan, straight at the spot (but I didn’t, sorry, vegan friends). And then they made this paella for us, in this huge pan, with this huge spoon – it just feels so homey and cozy. I am a big fan of paella, and this one was really good. As the rest of the food too. Definitely would eat there again (though it would mean seeing again the crabs waving hello))).

What are your favorite things in Spain? What would you expect or like to see in the next five things from Spain?


6 thoughts on “Five Things I like

  1. may I make a small correction? “Muchas graCias”, not “graZias” (it looks more italian in this form 🙂 )

    and I have a question – Girona, where is it? the word “peix” – fish, is it from another language or some spanish dialect? I haven’t recognized it (pescado in spanish, pesce in italian…where the word comes from?)

    I cannot say something about Spain, I’ve been only in the Madrid’s airport Barajas (1.5 hours on the way to Venezuela, and for 15 hours – from V.)….I’d like to see Sevilla and Toledo….
    but I can say that last several days I make translations of small documents written in spanish from: Spain, Cuba, Peru, Chilie…, for the moment I like it 🙂


    • Of course, you may!)) better for my Spanish 😉
      Girona is an hour to the north from Barcelona, very lovely old town. Close to France. “Peix” is Catalan which is spoken here.
      I used to love Spanish, but now I am so immersed into Catalan that I start liking it too. Though second Roman language is kinda counterproductive now if I want to learn Spanish.
      Good luck with that work! Hope, you enjoy it 😊


      • thanks a lot for new knowlegdes (Girona, peix..), I love it so much. Catalan is good too, but yes, until they are a part of Spain it is more useful to learn Castellano..
        At the moment I have to concentrate myself on French, I have a very big documents to review and ….rennovate? ….well…a lot of work in french! 🙂


      • Oh… ooh la la 🙂 French has been my ambition for such a long time! Good luck to you!
        Catalan is going to creep under my skin, since the family is talking Catalan all the time (and they talk a lot!)


  2. Love this post and I have to admit those tiles instantly make a place feel nice and cozy. That mug is fab and such a perfect reflection of your love for travel and name of the blog. And really great idea to read magazines in another language. I should probably do that with Italian. I used to love reading magazines in the states, so perhaps I can start doing that again here 🙂

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  3. Thank you, Estrella! Yes, my love for tiles found its home in Spain 🙂 Do they have that fashion in Rome too?
    Oh, thank you for the compliment, I am an old fan of InStyle, but never saw myseld as a nice reflection of this love, way too hippie – but maybe not (since you say it ;)). Well, “reading” is, what should I say, ambitious, hehe? I do read an article and some headlines, but mostly it is about pictures (but my wardrobe vocabulary is all from there ))). I am sure, Italian mags are amazing, in that country of style! What kind of magazines did you read in states?


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