Reasons to Fall in Love with Rovinj

If you ask me about the best time to visit Rovinj I would say the end of June, of course, when the salsa thing is going on 🙂 The energy is unique, it is like a all-night and all-day celebration going on. But in this post I want to share my reasons to love Rovinj, even if you don’t own glittering dancing shoes and don’t tremble at the sound of the Afro-Latin beat.

Reason #1. If you love Italy, you will love Rovinj.

The Northern part of Croatia, called Istria, used to be a part of Italian Veneto for many years. Rovinj, also called Rovigno, is known to be the most Italian town in the Croatian North. The architecture, the food and the Aperol spritz, the relaxed vibe of the town will remind you of Italy. And the locals have this sweet mix of temperament: Slavic big heart (which we Ukrainians felt and loved so much) with a playful Italian twist.

Reason #2. If you love old towns with narrow cobble-stone streets – this place is for you! Though the old town part is not big, it has enough turns and pathways to make you feel lost in space and time.

a hidden treasure of a street

Reason #3. If pink is your favorite color (it is my favorite).

Reason #4. Blue windows and doors that make you smile.

Reason #5. If you are a freak for pretty facades and details like lamps, arches and window shutters. And also vivid colors, full of joy and life.

Reason #6. Tourist shops that are not full of boring stuff made in China. There is enough of artisan activity in this country, and you will find handmade jewelry, bags, interior pieces and more. There is a whole street full of artists and their works, and once a year Rovinj turns into an open-air gallery.

Do you have your favorite places in Croatia? Let me know!

P. S. And more of my favorite pictures. I just don’t know which reasons they fall under – and I don’t even know if I want them to fit in any category than mere love 🙂

colorful facades
boats in the marina


5 thoughts on “Reasons to Fall in Love with Rovinj

    • It is superb! Cannot be compared with Spain though 🙂 I have so much love in my heart and there is space to all of them))) Rovinj is real love, more in Italian way with Slavic warmth and soul.


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