5 Things of Blossoming April

We are half done with the spring – and I just realized that I haven’t shared my 5 things for ages. Isn’t it great to have such a feature when you have desire to post but don’t have idea or the will to work hard on something sophisticated? Today I am kind of foggy, so this is an perfect excuse to skip my usual long texts (I love writing the long texts, maybe you noticed 😉 And I hope, there are people who care to read them to their end :)).

A funny story about my fogginess today. I had an appointment with my Mexican friend today and I got up a bit earlier than usually and battled the cold wind outside, almost running to the place with music in my ears. Only to discover that he was not there. And as I thought if this is Latino style and was close to calling him, I scrolled through our texting – and found out that appointment is tomorrow. I just had to laugh and eat my brunch alone there 🙂 Hope, that tomorrow he will be there (otherwise the regular customers at Evita cafe will consider me a crazy lady).

Back to our main show – 5 things which make me smile this April. It looks like the main motive is blooming and blossoming 🙂

  1. I am a lover of botanical gardens. And how lucky I am that I can walk to the one – especially in the spring when the signs of new life appear almost every day! Even when it didn’t look like spring in the city, in the garden the first bush of rhododendron was already in bloom.  It means that the winter is officially over (even if it still feels like it) and the nature is waking up from its dream.
that first rhododendron bush

2. My Instagram feed was full of flowers: from Paris, London, Vienna and Tokyo. snapseedEven Stockholm was getting first blossom on cherry trees, while Oslo – no. Oslo was still waiting like an old spinster while every other flirtatious lady city was showing off its careless floral dresses. So I decided to make my own flower contribution – and bought this sweatshirt (which I was lucky to find online on Mango store after I spotted something similar on a girl in a cafe and wondered hard ever since where she could have bought it). I love this year’s trend of embroidery: it reminds me so much of national dresses of my dear Ukraine.


3. When I lived in Austria, the mother in my guest family would cut the tree branches in March, put them into water and they would become green while the trees outside were still bare. I loved this trick of creating the spring feeling at home and always wanted to do it myself. However, I always forgot about it while walking. When some days ago I found these branches on the ground, torn off by the wind, and all I had to do was to take those fluffy things home. I like when tiny things like these can change my mood so much. Fluffiness is my friend! 🙂


4. More of flower power. When the weather is especially unfriendly like these days, when it feels like the spring changed its mind and the winter returned back, and I feel like everyone is kinda low or gloomy (or is it only myself, projecting my blues onto everyone else?:)) – I love to walk through the flower market and dream away to my perfect garden. If you ever feel the flower hunger in Oslo, go to Stortorvet, the square just at the side of the main street of Karl Johan, with the flower market, and get lost in shapes and colors.

5. No more flowers (uff, someone happy here? :)). My last thing is the photo of our fika in Gotheburg, Sweden. If you wonder what fika is, read my previous post about it 😉 I really love geometry when it is so sweet and smells like coffee 🙂 And what is a better thing to do on a rainy day than to sit in your favorite cafe with your favorite book – and maybe, your favorite person – and have no more plans for the day?

Processed with VSCOcam with q7 preset
coffee and cake at Barista, Gothenburg

Maybe, you didn’t notice, but the weather in Oslo has been kind of cold, rainy and upsetting this week. Haha, sorry, guys, for mentioning it in every other sentence! Do you have your April favorites? Share your love!

5 thoughts on “5 Things of Blossoming April

    • Thank you, darling! Glad you are inspired. I have a theory that people who live in the colorful places may dress in black and white, but here in the North it is important with wearing colors 🙂 (at least for me ;))


    • So glad that the post can make someone smile! 🙂 thank you! I know, I know, we are in the same boat. The winter weather yesterday, with snow and rain, made me put on my winter clothes and get really a winter blues. But I want to keep my focus on flowers and possibilities of spring! Wish you to stay in that sunny attitude 🙂

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