Summer Blogging Stop

Is anyone else here in the same trouble? It looks like the summer has brought, with its warm breeze, longer days and vibrant greenery, a break on writing. As I go around in my summer businesses, drifting further from blogging, there is also a rising feeling of guilt about not keeping up with this project. And the longer I feel it, the more difficult it gets to sit down and write something.

Like today, at last a free day with no obligations, I circled around my pc, trying to collect my writer juices, going through the old photos and choosing some for a new post – and still I couldn’t make myself write anything (blaming it on the changing windy weather and its effect on my low blood pressure. Which can be true, but I guess, it’s bullshit, because I have been totally swollen by writing on lower and grayer days). In the end, I had a great time watching my old pics, but no written word emerged from this pleasure. I felt a writer’s block – for the first time in my life.

After scrolling my reader (which I’ve neglected also for quite a long time), I suddenly could put a finger on this feeling. Lack of motivation because of a hidden guilt. Like I was cheating on it, not being able to keep a simple promise of regular posting. But hey, firstly, the blog is not a person, so cheating is not possible by definition. Second, when you start a blog in winter and give yourself these promises, you can never guess how the year will come out. And as the seasons change and bring new energies with them, it affects your overall state, and of course, a state of your creativity too. In winter I spend many days inside, there are fewer temptations and distractions – hence more time to muse and do some blogging. The spring hits with its blossoming energy and every aspiration goes up, the nature bursts into flowers, I burst into inspiration.

peonies and Mac

Then summer creeps in like a sweet seducer, distracting with its sunny days, calling me outside to the balconies, parks and river walks, spreading the aromas of barbecues, strawberries and melons. It spins me in the dance until the dawn, dizzying my head with its smiles, sparkling stars and eyes. It wants to walk with me along the beach, to push me into the water and make me a mermaid again, forgetting the land with its joys and sorrows. Then, when I find myself spinning, salty and dizzy, it is hard to get my mermaid mind back to the simple business of putting words into texts and posting them for the virtual world. That body and mind are so much in the moment, feeling the warm air on the skin, that they don’t care about some virtual world out there. The immediate world, created by summer, is way more dear to them.

harbour, Split, Croatia
summer vibe in Split, Croatia

Do you recognize yourself? Do you also feel seduced by the summer, by its sweet promises, to the extend that you start forgetting your own promises? Guess what, it’s all ok. Maybe, even it was meant to be)). Maybe, there is less writing in summer – but there is way more living, don’t you agree? And what can be more important than that? Your ideas of success, of working hard, of making progress? Come on, you have been working hard the whole year through – let yourself go and become a child. And if you think business, don’t forget that living is a crucial part of writing. It is good to have skills, but if you have not lived, no one would be interested in what you have to say with your crafted words.

boats in the marina of Split
Pura Vida

So I choose to view this period as one of collecting the data 🙂 I am collecting feelings, emotions and experiences which are valuable for my writing. Very important period, indeed. So let’s relax and live our summer days without guilt feelings. We are doing important job right now, having a good time! Just snap some pics along the way, so you can have some visual material for later 😉 (ok, this is an ironic advice, so really don’t take it seriously. Live your life and don’t care about documenting it. But, if snapping does not distract you from enjoying the moment and you are into it anyway, that can be a treasure for later blogging).

And maybe, the most important job for us here is to have a good time and share this energy with the world. Not always in the form of Instagram or blog posts, but sometimes in that one too. Writing is just one expression of our creativity and life energy – but let’s not forget, it’s not the only one. So spin in your dance, dive with your inner mermaid, let yourself be distracted, seduced and enchanted by this cute and cunning summer season. It is the life itself, and it even has a talent to magnify life so that it can seem bigger that it usually is.

Agree or disagree? Any secret mermaids here?

Adriatic sea, Rovinj
Adriatic sea, perfect for mermaids

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