Backyards of Oslo

The backyards of Oslo are charming and mysterious. They are hidden behind wooden doors or iron gates. Some are simple, with geometric shapes of facades. Some are full of life, with fountains, gardens, romantic benches under the trees. When I walk through my favorite neighborhood of Gruneløkka and pass by the gates, I always slow down and peek into the backyard, wandering at its secret life, imagining how people use it. Do children play there? Do they make backyard parties there?

Once when I was on a photo walk, I’ve seen an open gate – and after a moment of hesitation I sneaked inside and stood there. Just a backyard, just a girl with a camera. But that joy of explorer was reaching to the stars, as I stood there, happy as a child. After that I wondered if I should sneak into more backyards, waiting by the gate until someone was passing through 🙂 That would guarantee me a status of a local weirdo, I guess. I decided to wait on that one, and just make photos through the gates and doors. That day became an adventure for my explorer spirit.

Besides, this little adventure has sparkled a new joy of exploring my city which I shared here. And led me to the idea of micro exploring which is available to any soul thirsty for novelty, in any place, even when it seems familiar and a tad boring. A search for beauty, a search for excitement becomes a search for meaning. An ability to fill your life with happy moments wherever you are. A talent to color your life even if you think you have got a plain drawing. Creating your own life experience. This is the creative living in a nutshell.

So follow me on my quest looking behind the bars of the gates and sneaking through the open doors! We start with the backyard – in all shades of blue, where it all started.

And here are the backyards I discovered on my photo walk. They all are from the same area, the part of Gruneløkka between Sofienbergsparken and Trondheimsveien (except for the two images, with the bow lines). And the irony is that I used to know this area pretty well because I lived there and used to walk through, so it is funny how I can feel on a treasure hunt in a place that is not new to me at all. Wonder is not bound to new places, I have discovered.

Which backyard would you choose for yourself?

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