Photowalks: Lively Grunerløkka

With all the events of the past weeks I have neglected my photowalks in Oslo. But I still feel the need to share its beautiful corners and lovely streets. So today I want to present my favorite neighborhood – Grunerløkka. It became hipster recently after having undergone the gentrification. It used to be a cheap and shabby area with weird population, then it became popular among artists and students for its cheapness, and now – as it usually happens – it is a neighborhood with many restaurants, cafes, bars and small shops. Which are mostly quirky, vintage and small businesses, but the big chains have appeared here too in the past couple of years squeezing the small owners out of the area. Grunerløkka, or shortly Løkka, is full of life and attracts people from other parts of the city for eating out or hanging in its bars.

Samson bakery and its laid back charm

Today I want to present Grunerløkka and its vibrant street life, which makes it so special and different from the rest of Oslo and, maybe, the rest of Norway, too. My Catalan man says that it is the most latino barrio in the whole country, because it is so vibrant and lively and full of places to take a drink or a food bite. I don’t know the rest of Norway so well, but in Oslo it is definitely very popular and hip. The photos were made in August, so it is not quite representative for the moment, when the autumn rains swipe through the streets and send the terrace citizens into the interior coziness. In summer Grunerløkka feels like Italy to me. I hope also to present it in different seasons.

Let’s go and recollect the memories of “summertime, and the living is easy”.


an American-style diner, always popular here
Sofienbergsparken, popular for its picnic life


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