Late Summer Blooms

Autumn has taken over our streets. With more leaves under my feet and more golden color on the trees, I discover a new rapture for the beauty of nature. However on this blog the autumn is still on hold, and fall images wait patiently. I still want to admire the flowers of late summer, I don’t want to hurry to golden leaves and autumn fruit. Maybe, on this blog everything will come a month or too later, than in nature, and that will be my way to prolong the pleasure and beauty of the past season πŸ™‚

So today I want to share some photos I made in August. I want to give place to late summer blooms even if their season has passed. But there will be enough time for admiring autumn, so why not go back in time and recollect that fading beauty? It feels like it is still touching my fingertips as it is passing away. A reminder of life cycle. A reminder that the only constant in life is change.

There is a wonderful little street in Oslo, that gives you a feeling of being in the countryside. It is called Telthusbakken (if you were curious :)), and I want to share more of it in a coming post. These images were mostly taken there.

Some people think that Norway is all snow and ice and polar bears, but it is also colors and flowers and fruitful nature. As I pay more attention to small things, I discover nature wonders anywhere I go. In the true spirit of micro exploring πŸ™‚

Let me know which image is your favorite.




yellow flower
unique and lovable
find the bee
like stars and the sun
flamenco dancers

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