The Village Charm of Oslo

I don’t know any other capital that is so caring about its village-like streets and views as Oslo. Where I come from, the village is associated with something retarded and uncool, and so everyone strives toward bigger cities, their coolness, their lights. Cities are modern, interesting, promising. The village is old-fashioned, boring and has little opportunity. I have been in many cities of Europe, and many of them have something in common, just as they are unique. But nowhere have I met so much country-like charm in the middle of the capital like in Oslo.

It seems that for Norwegians the village is sweet and cozy, something to come back to, not to run away from. Its old-fashionness makes it feel authentic. Its simple promises contain peace of mind. Maybe, because Norway used to be a country of many farmers, and they have kept this ideal until this very day. Here the ideal for a good family life still is owning a house with a garden and a grass spot for youngsters to toddle around. While in my country the good life is moving to the bigger city and living in the apartment where you don’t have to fix running water, the heater and the roof. For Norwegians the village life is idyllic – the word which is often used by the property dealers (and that says a lot :)).

Today I want to share photos of two streets that give me an intense feeling of being in the country side (Telthusbakken and Damstredet). It looks like their residents are very conscious about their property style, as they plant tiny gardens in the front of the house and set vintage pieces like bottles and figures in the windows. The modern villagers of Oslo are not farmers, but the people with sense for style and detail, I’d say. I love walking there, as it reminds me of time spent at my grandmother’s in the village. I recognize flowers and wooden fences.

And what would you choose? Would you like living the countryside style in the city? Which image from below would you choose for your home? Or would you better choose an apartment and the urban pleasures just around your corner?






stay on those roads

12 thoughts on “The Village Charm of Oslo

  1. I just adore the village-style and cottages gardens! Lovely to find a piece of the countryside in the city. I enjoy the convenience of the city but long for the greenery, nature, peace and fresh air of the countryside ❀

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    • Wonderful words. Oslo would be a perfect fit for your description. A lot of nature, peace and fresh air in this city. Does your place in Finland resemble Oslo? I have never been to Finland, but in my imagination, it is very close to Norway in style and nature of things.

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      • The more you share about Oslo, the more I feel like I would be quite at home there! It sounds very similar to Helsinki.

        The area we are moving to in Finland is a very small city near the sea, so there is a lot of nature and peace and old wooden houses to enjoy πŸ™‚

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      • I guess, these cities are very similar, according to what I hear from others. I have never been to Helsinki though.
        It sounds like you’ve found your home in Finland and that is so wonderful. I cannot say for myself that I feel totally at home in Oslo, though I got used to it more than I can see πŸ™‚ But I still would love to experience other places for living. Wonder how I will see Oslo then πŸ™‚


      • I agree, I have become more Norwegian that I realize, I notice it every time I’m in Barcelona visiting my man’s family there πŸ™‚ I have it in my plans to live in another country, so it is possible that I will share such kind of thoughts in the future πŸ˜‰

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