A Window of Opportunity

I am so grateful for the conversation on the blog! Sometimes I read the blog posts that say: “thank you for 1000 views!”. There are people celebrating the number of new followers and the number of views. Sometimes I find myself also caught up in the numbers game. This is the world we are living in. But I really enjoy when I don’t care about the numbers (I also found that less time on Instagram helped to beat that habit :)). I would not mind 1000 views too, but I’d better exclaim: “thank you for those 2 comments you left under my post!” They are more meaningful to me than numbers. Because they sparkle a conversation, they help me think and change and grow, and that is so precious (which maybe great number of views provides too, I just lack the experience of it :))

November is not an easy month for blogging. It is getting darker, the days are so grey and so short. My inspiration gave me a lot of ideas some weeks ago – and disappeared for a while. Then again, I got caught up in writing about interesting subject on my blog in Russian. And what makes me come back to this blog, in the times of low statistics and poor light conditions, Β is those meaningful conversations. Thank you for them, dears!

Today I have little time and word flow, but I really want to leave my footprint here – because I felt so touched by the recent conversations on the blog, and because I want to give a little bit of me, before the next big text comes out πŸ™‚ I am so focused on crafting texts in English (that’s why they tend to get long and spacey)), that I often neglects the power of small simple messages. And here are two small, but powerful messages that have left a footprint on me recently.

One guy was asked about what is meaning of life for him. He answered: “I will not answer that question. But I will tell you a story. There was a guy who had fallen down from the 15th floor and miraculously survived. When he was asked about what happened to him while he was falling he said: “For every floor I saw while falling I said to myself: “So far so good”. This is a favorite story with my man right now. We repeat it to each other almost every day and laugh: “So far so good”. And when I get anxious about the future because of all the changes I have planned and I have no control over that, I say to myself: “So far so good”. I have made it so far, and it was ok – why wouldn’t it be ok later too?

This again brings me back to the power of the stories. I wrote a post about it some time ago and was touched by a response of Manja, the fellow blogger, sharing her story. Stories can make a change. They can give us the push we need. They can be that window of opportunity that say: “Look, a totally different scenario to your thinking is possible”. This is how change happens, I believe. When you can imagine a different scenario to your situation, to your attitude, to your view of a problem. It starts with imagining other possibilities. And that’s why the books can be good to us. The are those good friends who help us imagine new possibilities. A bit dreamy friends, but hey, dreamers are so important to the world!

There is a great quote which I want to make my mental tattoo right now. You know, when you read a phrase that you love so much, that you don’t want it to leave your head. I am not a fan of tattoos, otherwise I would cover my body with phrases πŸ™‚ So I try to tattoo them on my heart and mind. And this one is just like that. It comes from a podcast on Good Life Project with Sheri Salata, who used to be a producer of Oprah Winfrey show.

“The number 1 thing I need to tend to is the story I’m telling myself about myself. In my own head. The words I am choosing. The narrative I am creating. It’s my contribution to the world peace. It’s my contribution to the inspiration of others. That story matters so so dearly”. – Sheri Salata

I believe in the power of the stories being shared. Power of the real raw emotions being shared. More than in the power of numbers. I believe that everyone of us is creating his own story, but it takes time to get confidence in one’s own voice. And it takes courage to share from the heart. It takes courage to open up and be vulnerable. But it so worth it. So much. In the world of glitzy images, wonder numbers and other glamour we are hungry for that authentic feeling and that raw emotion that touches our hearts. We get reminded Β by them that we are all humans.

So let’s have courage and have the voice to share our story. Cheers for that window of opportunity!

11 thoughts on “A Window of Opportunity

  1. Oh, girl, thank you, for the mention and for embracing my comment. ❀ I think this is why I do what I do too: for the connection that is established with another person who takes the time to comment under a post of mine to show that they get it, get me, get what I was saying. I think sometimes I don't make it easy to read me on purpose. I like it to take a bit of effort because it makes such a contact much more meaningful. And I believe that everything we do ripples, and that we shouldn't be afraid of it and shouldn't tone down our true natures just to be liked more widely. This is the way to be, Mex, and you know it. πŸ™‚ Wishing you well!

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    • Thank you, Manja, for it – and for the nice conversation! This is what keeps me coming back here again and again. I wish I were a better connector, so far I am more about writing and posting than about connecting, always slower with that. But it is truly the connection that gives sense to all this blogging thing. It is truly a gift. You seem to be very connected blogger, though you are introvert πŸ˜‰ I consider myself more an extraverted version of introvert – so I spend more energy on talking in real life, and less connecting through blogs. But I believe in the power of baby steps πŸ™‚

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      • πŸ˜€ I guess I choose this kind of connections over real world… Here in Italy I live in the country and there are not many people around. I did exchange FB contacts with my postwoman though. Hihih. The first in almost five years. She likes to take photos too and will take me on a photo tour. So nice of her.

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      • It is good to have a choice though. In my first years in Norway I felt so lonely, and had little choice. Now I like to choose solo time – knowing that I always have someone to talk to. But aren’t Italians super social, especially in the country? Or you are not searching for that kind of contact? Wow, photo tours with a postwoman sounds nice πŸ™‚

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  2. I love that we have this little blogger bubble circle in the internet where I can connect with people like you. You are right, we all have the opportunity to be heard and make a difference. And that’s something I really appreciate about blogging. It’s not certainly always easy especially when we are in a creative rut about what to write about but the friendships and relationships formed at the end of the day is what matters, not the numbers. πŸ™‚

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    • Totally agree. This bubble is especially precious when you are crossing borders (like you and me). While it takes time to find new friends and people with the same ideas, blogging provides this opportunity. I am grateful to be an immigrant in the age of internet, hehe.
      Creative ruts come and go, but some people I met through blogging stay with me for a very long time, I learnt πŸ™‚

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