Bye-bye, November

I always make sure to walk through the flower market on my way from work. It is there even in the late evening hours, flowers keeping strong in the cold. Today I haven’t seen the usual orchids, and those red and pink beauties, today there were small fir-trees and wreaths with pinecones. Their message was clear: November has moved out, December is now in. At this very moment the church bells chimed through the square, making everything feel like a cozy Scandinavian fairytale. And I was thankful that I didn’t plug headphones in my ears like I usually do.

The Christmas lights hang across the street, and every time there is someone reaching for his phone to snap a picture. Christmas music sounds from the shops, and I think: “Nice try to make it all look cozy and nice. When it is biting cold, and the streets are icy. And the dark hours are more than the light ones”. Then I hear a kid passing by talking joyfully about “the yummy pancakes”. In that moment I envy that kid’s energy. Where do they take it in this dark period? I usually never have this feeling – but now I would like to see the world with the kid’s eyes. No Monday blues, no winter blues, no knowledge about melatonin and serotonin and their effect on our mood, no longing for another place I have seen in December, that was full of sunlight and singing parrots. Just eyes wide open, with the reflection of the Christmas lights in them, and touching the Christmas tree set up in front of the church – which must appear just the size of that church in his eyes. Not afraid of the ice on the streets, but sliding cheerfully on it. And not thinking about the distant sunny place – just living in the moment.

On my way I stop to buy some groceries. The idea pops: let’s buy pancakes. Thank you, Β kid! There must be some bonus to be an adult – and here is one: I can choose for myself what I will eat this Monday evening! So I pick up a pack of ready pancakes and cottage cheese. There will be pancakes stuffed with cottage cheese, topped with honey. Or maybe, Nutella and banana slices, just as they do in crepes in Paris? (When we were laughing with Michelle “Let’s eat some crap!”, and the crepes guy was sending us flirty looks, or so it seemed).

November has passed so fast. I write a list of nice things to do in December, wondering at how much I can tick off on the November list. At least here are the photo impressions of this November. Mostly taken in my favorite spot, the botanical garden of Oslo and around it.

Italian cafe in Norwegian conditions
gray and black and white
the sun gives the color
shine through
exotic leaves frosted
a girl with a dog and some November light
crystals of ice
on their way to hockey game
sleepy and dreamy
cold but beautiful

And the November color scheme will be white. White of the frosted leaves, white of the sky under the blackness of barren trees, white snow covering the greens.

Have you winked good-bye to November with a light heart? Which color did it have in your life this year? Let me know which of the images resonate mostly with you.

24 thoughts on “Bye-bye, November

  1. Oh there is so much in this post to comment on! This totally resonates with me! 😊 I could have written it myself. I used to do lists of nice things to do (I do lists of everything) but now my days are all the same: stay in with the babies. Short list! I watch other mummies push their babies in light little prams every day, rain or sleet. My twin pram is so heavy and big that getting out of the door is a struggle! And dressing the twins takes half an hour. I’m exhausted from waking up twice every night to bottle feed them so I’m not going out with them for fun until it’s spring. Then we will do things and I’ll make my list. The color of November was grey and December black, weatherwise. But the babies look so cute in their colorful clothes and with their cheery faces 😊 I hope they become like that shiny-eyed little kid who was so sincerely happy. That kind of happiness melts my heart. And still I’m dreaming of being elsewhere. Oh my! πŸ™„ What else? My favorite pancake/Finnish-style “crepe” is Nutella and banana, we have it each time we make them! πŸ˜‚ If I were in Paris I would take Nutella and Grand Marnier πŸ˜‹ (I tried to do that once at home but it just didn’t work) Anyway, great little post dear. Hang in there!!!! πŸ’•

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    • I knew, the Paris theme would touch you, I thought of you writing that sentence)). I hope, your boys will grow up with eyes full of sparkles and wonder, and they would infect you with it.
      There must be good things to do inside too. Drink glΓΈgg, no alcohol (in your case). And I hope to decorate more, for once in my life (let’s see if I do ;)). Going through old photos. Mm, what else? In Norway they go out in any weather, you know. But there has not been heavy snow yet. Decembers have been usually just dark and icy, but no snow. Global warming, they say.
      And I would love being away too, just for a change. 11 Decembers in this country, makes it feel like a Groundhog day, (have you seen that movie?).
      Thank you for support. Let’s make this December brighter that it can be on its own πŸ™‚

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      • Oh, darling, so nice to hear. Now I can sit here, in this grayness, and imagine myself to be the sun (like the king Louis never-remember-the-number ))).
        I know how unappealing this weather is, but I discovered that getting outside for just half an hour and getting some fresh air helps. I feel less grumpy then. But that again, without a twin pram πŸ˜‰

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      • I used to skip Januaries when I was a student, going for two weeks to Egypt. That was fantastic. But when I started to work full-time and discovered that January is just as cold and dark as November, with no christmas stuff going on… my oh my πŸ™‚
        I say that I have an overdose of Norwegian winter in my system πŸ™‚ So I need to balance it out with some Spanish winters, my doctor said to me (lie, that doctor is me))).

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  2. Lovely images. I’ve just posted my last year’s December images, for when you need some blue sky. πŸ™‚ And I’ll come here for some frost. We had some this week and I was like a kid, taking photos of crystals. πŸ˜€

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