May You Walk in Beauty: Snow

The snow has swept across Europe causing troubles and wonders. Paris looks so beautiful in the snow, and, as it doesn’t happen often there, it seems that everyone took a day off to go to the park, make a snowman, take a photo and post it on Instagram. Snow has fallen on the deserted beaches of Barcelona and has created chaos in the north of Catalonia. It was a protagonist on the Catalan news last night. Also in Moscow the extreme volumes of snow created problems for the traffic. As we sit here in our Norwegian homes and watch all these breaking news on tv, I wonder: when will they come here and film our snow?

Maybe, never. Who cares about snow in Norway? We have seen snow records, we have seen snow falling in April and in May. But who cares to make news about it? So unfair! *ironic emoji* But this winter has been full of surprises also here, in the North. It must be said, that the winters recently have been mild and lacked snow. The ski weeks in my school were planned for February every year – and never took place, every year, because of the snow absence. But this year, my oh my, we have seen weather playing with us like never before. First, it snowed a lot, heavy and fluffy. It felt magical to walk in the snowfall, but one must be careful walking on the street, because the avalanches can fall from the rooftops. After a couple of beautiful days the weather got milder and it rained, turning the thick snow layer into the ice. The streets were a mess, the best wear was rain boots because there was so much water. But underneath the water was ice, so it was better not to walk at all. That very day many people were walking in the bicycle lane, and many of them looked pissed. The snow avalanches from the roofs became ice avalanches, so I preferred walking on the road/bicycle lane than being threatened by huge ice cubes. Then it got colder again and more snow fell. Then it got milder again, with melting snow, icy streets and rain. Then…it got -10 degrees, freezing all that water, and the streets Β turned into skating rinks for a week. Piu, breath out.

There are two more winter months to go (March is considered winter in Norway), but I feel already a bit exhausted by the winter. And very ready for the spring. I also wonder at how different one thing can seem depending on how much you get of it. When it is seldom like snow in Paris everyone is happy, playing in the snow, exclaiming “Oh, so pretty!”. When you get a lot of it, like here in Oslo, you go: “That shit again?” and “I am so tired of shoveling snow!”. When we like something, we want more of it – but maybe, it is better for us to get less of it? So that we can truly appreciate it πŸ™‚

While I am hungry for the sun, I want to stop and appreciate what I have here and now. And this is – surprise surprise – snow. It is pretty, I cannot disagree. It makes the city look clean and beautiful. Especially on a sunny day which I got lucky to capture. This is what I want to share today: my mundane prettiness. Trees in the snow, the river where I usually walk, that pale and shy winter sun. I wish I had more colors to share, and one day IΒ will. But so far – let me stop here and admire the beauty of the things I know way too well. That simple geometry in black and white.

May you walk in beauty. May you find it anywhere you are right now. May you love your days of black-and-white and the days of color alike. I wish it to myself too πŸ™‚

a bit of color in the cold water
reflections game
memories of factories
soft like a lace
winter color pop
find the dog
the ducks didn’t mind
dark and mysterious
stay on those roads

10 thoughts on “May You Walk in Beauty: Snow

    • Thank you, Pierr! Glad you joined my walk and seemed to enjoy it too 😊 Yes, that image is my favorite too. I was lucky when they suddenly started to fly in my frame 😊


  1. Marina, your photos are stunning! My favorites are the first one and the “ducks don’t mind” πŸ™‚
    All this sounds so familiar. I won’t even go there – rant fest over for now πŸ™‚ But I agree, may we find beauty where we are now. Now. Yes. I’m trying.
    Oh, and poor Parisians, it’s probably quite cold in their apartments right now, yikes! But I guess they are loving it…

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    • Oh, thank you so much, fellow snowman ⛄️ 😘 You like the birds, eh? I agree, they add life to this still life πŸ˜†
      I was thinking of your love for snow and your blog name while writing πŸ˜‰. I knew you would understand! To be honest, the idea of moving and loosing it makes it all more valuable. If I were staying here for longer, you would not find me as positive maybe, hehe. And I want to learn to appreciate that everyday stuff, may it be snow or sunshine. Life is too short!
      And don’t they have heating in Paris? Poor Parisians, we in Nordics are better equipped than them.

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      • The flats I lived in had poor heating (and just a tiny bit of hot water for a shower, and it always ran out!). But the newer, more expensive places probably have something… though not insulated, double windows, that’s for sure! But imagine if we didn’t have them over here, brrrr…

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      • Those Parisian flats are as optimistic as the Spanish, I see. They are also built for the summer, not for winter, and the winter months you just patiently wait through πŸ™‚
        Here, the contrary, the flats are built for the long winters, but not for summers. and when the heat wave happens seldomly in Oslo it is fun to see how the fans disappear from the electro-stores πŸ™‚

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      • Yes and as a heat wave over here qualifies anything over +18C (AND we always add the + just to clarify!)… and after half a day of 18C they’ll be complaining it’s too hot and humid, they can’t bear it anymore, the sun is giving them a migraine and can the summer please be over already… πŸ™‚ sorry, I went on a rant again! πŸ˜€ I wonder if there exists a “Winter haters anonymous” club somewhere that I could join?! πŸ˜‰

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      • Haha, winter haters club – you can start one if you don’t find πŸ˜‰ Hope, Finns don’t start summer haters club.
        We had once almost +30 or something. I don’t remember complaining, as the heat waves happen not often, and I am usually out of the country myself πŸ™‚ I have never heard anyone wishing summer to be over, and you should see Norwegians enjoying summer in Spain! But they definitely feel at home when they land, flying from the real summer, and see gray sky and drizzling cold rain in the middle of June. I envy them, bc for them it is ok. While for me it is depressing!
        Maybe, one day when I live in the long summer, I complain too – then I hope to catch a plane to Oslo and feel like a true Norwegian, grateful for the rain, haha. But so far, my winter-summer quote is out of balance, and I need more summer in my system!

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      • Need to work on that balance, eh? 😊 (I picked up eh? from the Spanish tv πŸ™Š)
        Ahaha, I am afraid I will complain like hell in the humid and hot summer, Bcn is not sweet then. Imagine! But we said we will come to Oslo for summer then. Not a bad idea. Oslo is sweet in summer, if you get sunshine from September til May πŸ˜†

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