Doors and Windows of February

I have been a lifelong fan of door collections. My first love for them happened 10 years ago when I was in a shop of the National Gallery in Oslo and saw two posters “Doors of Oslo” and “Doors of Trondheim”. The simple geometry of those posters captured my heart. Half a year later I travelled to Trondheim and amused myself by walking in its half-empty streets and taking photos of doors.

That love was rekindled by my obsession about Instagram, some years ago. In my search for beauty in my surroundings I turned to the doors again. And after my Instagram fever went down, I thought I was done with the door hunting (why collecting if not sharing, right?). Then again I was reminded of it by the fellow blogger Manja and her Thursday doors posts. And I thought… Why should I stop making collections if my Instagram being didn’t turn out to be what I expected? My love is still there. And I am happy to have found a new place to share this love.


Today I want to share a collection of doors and windows I found on my recent photo walk a week ago. The sunny day was calling for walks and games with light and shadow. The sun was warm and melted the snow on the roofs, creating icicles. I went to the neighborhood Torshov, which is close to my own hood, and was exploring the classical architecture of this quiet area. As long as I lived in Oslo, I am still able to surprise myself with this city. This time, for example, I didn’t know how much beauty I would find between these blocks and streets. Torshov is just a living area, not famous for anything. But it turned out to be quite pretty because it is built in classical style which is not often in Oslo. Hence the clean lines, pastel colors and noble facades.

Usually February is my least favorite month because it is tough to get into the third month of winter while nothing really happens, no holidays, no celebrations (and I don’t love skiing). It just feels grey and boring. But February proved that it can be colorful too. Eye candy houses made me heart pop with joy – and forget about the freezing temperatures. The sunny weather created happy shine of the facades and the flirty winks in the windows.

Along with bright colors Torshov features simple but beautiful facades, classical lines and noble color palette. I love looking inside of the windows and picking on details: a sign “We can do it!”, a Christmas star, heart decorations, designer candleholders. It always makes me wonder about what kind of person lives here (and if we could be friends :)).

The beautiful sunny weather made the neighborhood even prettier. I loved how the sun created shadows on the facades which made it even more exciting to look closer. In the end I almost didn’t feel my frozen toes while I got so enchanted by the beauty and the game of the nature and the architecture.

Today the snow is falling again, in huge snowflakes, sometimes softly towards the ground, sometimes chaotically in all directions. As if reminding that March is still a winter month in Norway and I’d better find something winterly to do instead of waiting for the spring πŸ™‚ The snowy weather doesn’t call my outside, but I smile sheepishly as I think of all the photos I managed to take with my frozen fingers a week ago, and now I can post and post carelessly πŸ™‚

Have a nice start of the week, everyone! And may you find beauty wherever you are, in the close or faraway neighborhoods, in the unexpected corners of your place, even if it is covered with one-meter-high snow πŸ™‚

reflections of the park

10 thoughts on “Doors and Windows of February

  1. Ahh, I’ve had this post opened to give it proper attention, for I’ve noticed some doors, but can see only now that you link to me. Thank you! πŸ™‚

    I’m so glad to see that you had nice weather for your doorscursion, as we call them on Thursday Doors. Of course it’s never just about the doors, there are windows and all kinds of ornaments. I hope you’ll join us on Thursdays as well!

    Your photos and views are proper eye candy, gentle and stylish and playful with the help of the sun. Lovely to see the details in the windows. In mine you’d see a heart too and Christmas lights that I don’t wish to put a way. Not yet.

    Here’s to more happy doors!

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    • Thank you, Manja, for a warm feedback! Especially appreciate it here in cold Norway, hehe.
      I’ve been sitting on some door collections for a while, but never knew what to do with them on the blog. Your door Thursdays inspired me to do something with mine too πŸ™‚ So you have a club to join, eh? πŸ™‚ I am not sure I have so many doors to post every Thursday, but once a month must be possible πŸ™‚

      Ah, I am a lover of eye candy, you see. And I am happy to discover that though Oslo doesn’t own many magnificent sights, it is full of pretty details. It took me time to discover them, but I am glad I did it at last πŸ™‚

      Keep those heart and lights till summer, they make the days brighter πŸ™‚

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      • Oh it’s not a club as such, you don’t need to enlist. πŸ™‚ And it’s perfectly okay to only post once a month or however often you wish.

        The only thing to do is post your doors (don’t be like me, post only one door every Thursday and they will last loooong) between Thursday and Saturday and create a ping to Norm’s post. He is the challenge host. Here is his post from the previous week, as an example:

        At the bottom of his post you can see the blue frog button. After you post your doors, you click this button and add your link and name (and email but it’s not visible) to the happy doors collected by all of us. Here is last week’s collection:

        35 door posts, not bad. I’m sure other door lovers would love to see your pretty doors as well. But no pressure, that’s for sure.

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      • Thank you for guiding me through the process, Manja! It is good to join a community. I have been a sole explorer for some period, but we are here to share and it is good to have a place to meet others, door-lovers too :))
        I will keep it in mind next time I go on my door-hunt πŸ™‚

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