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It’s been a while since I wanted to share impressions from my space – and couple of weeks ago this wish was rekindled by The Moonsoonfamily’s Mom post  in which she generously showed us her place. The post was called “Share Your Home” and I took it as a call to action.

Writing about things in my home in my previous post on minimalism also made me take my camera and document the state of affairs. This can be a visual follow-up on my story: a maximalist trying to change her way into a more minimalistic direction 🙂

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is a long way from the picture-perfect interiors which I see on blogs, all set up with the same color scheme and minimalistic design. While I adore studying such images, I cannot imagine myself living this way. It all looks lovable – but is it livible? Doesn’t it feel like living in a museum? I must say, the more I live in Norway, the bigger fan of Scandinavian minimalism I become. But will I ever arrive there at my home? I don’t know. Well, I know, I will not arrive, since it doesn’t seem to be my ambition. And what is my ambition then? I guess, my heart is closest to eclectic style, mixing up all kinds of style. My personal belief is that anything which is made according to clean rules, in clean lines, can be boring. Pretty but also boring. I believe in a fusion lifestyle, and thus my interior will reflect it. Logical enough, no? 🙂

Enough words, let’s go for a little house tour. You can keep your shoes on!

And how would you describe your interior style (lived or preferred)?


11 thoughts on “Lifestyle in Details

  1. I wish I could declutter and live in such a wonderfully clean space like this. It’s definitely a goal of mine. I love your interior details!

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