Sunny Coffee Sum-up

Two months ago I was telling you the story that Sunny coffees are not from Norway – and now I have to eat my words.  Guys, the past month Oslo has seen the amount of sun and heat that equals, maybe, to the five years of total sunshine in Norway. We hadn’t been talking about anything else than that. And we hadn’t been doing anything else than doing summer. In Scandinavian style. But I was also drinking coffee. And taking snaps of it. And snaps are for sharing! So here are my sunny coffees, in their summer style – in Norway!

Another thing of May was my take on decluttering: getting rid of old magazines. But before I can throw them away, I have to go through them, ripping out the important pictures. What counts as important? Something that inspires me. I don’t do visual boards,  but it is good to keep them anyway. After one such session I got an aha moment. I put down the magazine, looked around me – and realized that so much of what I see is created by the material of my dreams. My tiny walk-in closet, the pastel-colored houses I see outside the window, my pink dress I use at home…

These magazines have been my old friends, traveling with me from one place to another (and I moved 5 times in Oslo, taking them with me every time). Once their images gave material to my dreams – and now my dreams give material to my life. As I start going through my old dreams (and I am a professional dreamer, I have a lot of them ;)), I shiver at the discovery how much of what I see now in my life coincides with what I had seen in my dreams once. Pure magic. Do you believe in visualization?

Among my favorite activities of early summer, besides sipping coffee on the balcony, reading an interior magazine and imagining I am in Provence :), is cutting my hair. It is not often I go to the hairdresser, maximum twice a year. I am kind of minimalist when it comes to beauty and self-care, I do little cosmetics and little/no hair treatment (good-bye, a possible career of a beauty blogger). I let my hair grow long – and before the summer begins, I like to get it cut, pretty short. The hairdresser usually gapes: “Are you sure? So much??” Yes, so much. And then I go home, shaking my head, letting the wind play with my curls. It may be silly, but I feel 10 years younger after loosing some 7 cm of hair. This is how summer must feel to me: easy and breezy like the wind in my hair.

To sum up the past month there would be only one word: summer. To sum up my summer doings there would be three things, according to this post: coffee, old magazines (and dreams), short hair (no care). Impressive. I start to look like a real minimalist. Never had that intention – but here we are 🙂

What are your favorite summer doings? What do you snap pictures of these days?

Pepsi. Ask for more.

26 thoughts on “Sunny Coffee Sum-up

    • I used to love that Pepsi tagline. Especially when Enrique Iglesias was in their commercial. Ask for more, oh yes 🙂
      Thank you, Snow! There has been so much love this season, it shines through every selfie and coffee snap (I guess).

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  1. The beginning of spring and autumn is also for me the time to become a minimalist.
    But then I see nice summer and winter clothing and my hair and skin need a bit more products and it all disappears haha.

    Seems like your haircut work out much better than mine. I am no in the process of growing it back! 😉

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    • Yeah, isn’t it a great season? To take away all those layers – of clothes, products, foods? I love summer because it fills so light.
      Mmm, but of course, I realize that I need a new dress, hat and something else :))

      Thank you! I am lucky to have a curly hair, it works out by itself 🙂 No worries, you will grow it back! As my neighbor said while cutting my hair: “no fails in our work – it will all grow back” :)))


    • Thank you 🙂 Summer brings new energy, yes. I used to believe in visualization before. It is not that I don’t believe in it now, but I don’t try to work with it, like before. Now I believe more in intentional work 🙂 Do you work with visualization somehow?

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  2. “What are your favorite summer doings?”… I have to think about that. Very good post subject 😉 And I love your photos!

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  3. Summer is definitely a lightening time – a time for casting off cares and clothing. However, I let my hair stay longer in summer because I want to be able to get it into a ponytail! And I purge and clean in the spring so that summer is even more carefree – a time to be outside as much as possible without worrying about what mess is going on inside the house. Glad to hear you are having a better-than-usual summer!

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    • It is a good idea – to clean and get it done, before the summer sets in. I like, however, to have things to do in summer. When there are many sunny days and nothing to do, I get restless :)) Like I have to be outside and enjoy it, but I just want to live my usual life, haha.
      Oh yeah, summer this year is sensational!

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  4. I have never consciously practised visualization but I think some people do this in a casual sense, dreaming about their wishes, perhaps. I heard that there was an early burst of summer in Norway. Two years ago the same thing happened at this time. I couldn’t believe I was complaining about the heat… in Norway!!!

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    • I do agree. I am that kind of dreamer too 😊
      True, 2 years ago it was so warm that we had +27 in classrooms and had to take kids out. But it was not that long, so we forgot it fast. This time it lasted for 4 weeks! A miracle 😆


      • I must have been lucky as I was only in Norway for a little over two weeks. Ironic though as I don’t mind cooler weather, you see I get plenty of sun here in Australia- more than enough!!

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      • You are so positive 🙂 I would never use the word “enchanting” about Norwegian winter 😆 Does it happen to you? Things the visitors find lovely in your place, that you don’t find so?


      • I think so, we are quite used to white sand beaches and surf and sun. Visitirs think it is paradise but the sun is ageing, and we are very prone to skin cancer, then there is stingers in the wster, and the dreadful humidity in summer to deal with, so I guess you are right!!

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      • You see! You say “sun and beaches”, and I think “naah, I have no empathy if you wanna complain about something” 😆 (sorry for my Nordic irony)). The sun gives problems, but it also gives life. Maybe, the thing I miss the most here. Light and the energy it brings))


      • And the irony for me is that it is the cooler temperatures that give me energy – our summer humidity zaps much of our energy and enthisiasm. Our winter days, on the other hand, are just like a sunny Norwegian summer, albeit a tad cooler but I treasure this time of year the most! That is when I really feel alive!!

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      • Interesting! Our winter is like our summer, right 😆😆
        I never liked the heat in my dear Ukraine but I notice now that my body has missed sun and I feel alive when it’s real summer. Real summer = real me 😊


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