Oslove: Everything That Moves

I came from Rome with postcards of everything, inspired throughout to my fingertips. Among other things I shared was my collection of Everything That Moves. I don’t know how, but looking through my older photos of Oslo brought me to a simple insight: Oslo has no less postcard-worthy bikes, scooters and small cars. Isn’t it strange that you have to travel to a new place – so that the treasures of your own place can be discovered by you anew?

We get so used to the same town, the same streets. So we travel to break away from the routine. And traveling away seems not only to provide such a break – but also to bring a new inspiration that can be found on the same old streets. Interesting!

My inspiration first pushed me towards collecting all my photos of bikes – and writing the post about My Favorite Scandi Thing. Today I want to share everything else, moving around Oslo, that caught my attention. Let’s move along!

  1. Whenever I see one of those, I jump up and reach for my camera. Vespa is my definition of love at first sight. Long live Italian design! (click on any image to view it in the gallery)

2. I am a lover of small cars. Italian design again has captured my heart. Fiat 500 is my favorite eye candy. This orange square car is (Norwegian?) Buddy, an older model of electric car. Are you familiar with it?

3. Do you love trams? I adore them. They are such a dreamy way of transport. I like when cities have their signature color of the trams. Oslo has blue. You have two types: the old and the new ones. And then there is one archaic tram from the museum that can be sometimes seen on the streets: usually on some Transport Day, but I have seen once a wedding on it. Can you rent a whole tram for your wedding?

4. Oslo special: the ferries and boats. Sometimes it is faster to go across the water, than on the land, so there are ferries to the peninsulas around Oslo. And to the islands which are numerous in Oslo fjord. You can use your usual city card on  the ferry. This is such a nice way to see Oslo from the water. A good idea on a sunny summer day, if you want to visit Oslo soon 😉

Do you have your favorite type of transportation? Something that you always want to snap a photo of? Share you collections and share your love!

And may you walk in beauty!

2 thoughts on “Oslove: Everything That Moves

  1. I hail from the (capital) city Ljubljana, and yet it has only buses, about 20 regular city lines. About 100 years ago there was tram as well, I wish it would return. My first encounter with a bigger city with more means of transport was Munich when I was 16 and went to the Duran Duran concert for my birthday, uncle took me. We stayed with his friend in the suburbs. To the venue we needed to take a train, a subway and a tram. I was impressed. The concert was fun too. Three girls were having such obvious fun that the security approached us and asked if we could please move to the front row. (True story! The venue was not a very crowded.)

    I love it how Rome has made you notice more beauty in your country too. It happens to me as well.

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    • Haha, an early start of work in entertainment 🙂 Nice story.
      I grew up in a regular Ukrainian city, population size of Oslo, and we had tram, bus and omnibus. But no subway. This is kind of set my expectations level, hehe. My first year in Norway I spent in a town of Haugesund, and was really disappointed at how boring a European town can be. For us, Ukrainians, everything from Western Europe is cooler by default :))

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