Home: Minimalistic Hygge

I have started telling the story of us planning to sell our flat. Now let me present the results of our hard work (cleaning, fixing and painting). I especially enjoyed the part of being a stylist :)) I got use for all my Scandinavian inspiration and went for the modern color scheme of light pink and eucalyptus green with some black and white details. Let’s see how it turned out to be!

I don’t have many “before” photos, but I shared some of them in my previous posts here and here, so you can check if you are curious how it used to be.

First, the living room and the balcony. The balcony must be the highlight of this flat :), situated on the 5th floor, on the Southern side, getting all the sun even in the winter time.


Next to the living room is the guest room (which I use as my office. Before we had a book-case there with my books, but we took it away for the sales purpose).


Next to the living room we have a kitchen with the dining space, and the door in the corner leads to the stairs (the flat lays over two floors, a studio in the first floor, and our flat in the second).

In the end, we have our bedroom, with a small walk-in closet (which I had to clean totally for the photo session and the visits, uff), and the minimalistic bathroom.


In the first floor we have the entrance hall and a studio (a room with its own small kitchen and bathroom).

And, if you got so far, you can see the professional photos here, in the Norwegian site for real estate. See how they make it feel more spacious and airy ;)) You can also see the plan drawings if you get curious (or lost in those pictures :)).

I must admit, I like the Scandinavian hygge feeling of our flat now, but I wouldn’t go into pains and much work to make it all so thought-through, clean and minimalistic on the daily basis :))

Have you done a similar styling work? What is attitude towards home decor? Do you like to think it through – or does it happens by itself as the life unfolds?

21 thoughts on “Home: Minimalistic Hygge

  1. Fantastic job!!! If I wanted to do this, I’d have to rent a studio flat to empty my house and make it feel minimalist too! I’d have too many things to hide…
    I have no doubt you’ll sell it quickly because it looks so comfy and easy to live in. The professional pictures look really good too. Good luck with this project.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Veronique!! Oh yes, we had to hide many things too (many were also thrown away). We are lucky to have some space in the basement, it got pretty full recently :))
      It was fun playing with this style, but honestly, real living needs some more things :))


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