October Feeling

It is interesting, how we talk about a thing, using the same word – but we have different meanings behind it. And still we think that we are talking about one and the same thing! Take October, for example.

I say October and we think about different things, maybe. Some say, pumpkins and Halloween, some say, rains and hygge. Somewhere in the Mediterranean they still go to the beach in October. While here, in Norway, it feels like a Barcelonian winter: chilly and wet.

October has arrived and I definitely feel it. There is no slight glide like between August and September. When it is still all late summer/early autumn, with blurry borders like the tree shadows in the morning light. October is more distinct. It is getting dark around 8pm and we all know for sure: winter is coming, and darkness is coming. It is getting cold, and we pull out our warm jackets and solid scarfs. There is no more wardrobe flirting that September does: one day – light leather jacket, another – no jacket at all. October doesn’t fool around. Jackets and coats, please.

October tricolor

It is the time again to look into the windows and watch the interiors. Their lights are calling in the evening darkness, and I am again curious about how people live behind those windows. Many interesting finds on this exploration, I should say. Norwegians love creating cozy homes. Which makes sense. Which other nation has to spend as much time inside? (I include all Nordics in this definition. Though the rumors say, that the Danes are way more social and mingling even in winter. Unbelievable!)

You cannot escape mentioning hygge when talking of October (here in the North). The cozy blankets and fluffy rugs have been pulled out. The tea kettles – set to action. The army of mugs standing ready for the service. The books have been stocked, the new series downloaded. May the season begin!

looking inside those windows

Soon the shops will start selling Christmas goods like cookies and sweets. Uff, it is way too early, if you ask me. But no, they didn’t ask me. They set it out. There must be someone buying it already. There must be someone getting excited about Christmas already. Not me, honestly. Not me. Christmas is a festival of light in the middle of darkness. Somehow I am brought to think more of the darkness than of the light (typical pessimistic thinking, I know. But there is proportionally way more darkness than light, which explains it).

This year will be different for me, I hope. This year, or better say – the end of this year – new things will happen in my life. I will keep you updated 😉

But right now I set my kettle on and dig deep to find some cookies. I also got a recommendation for the series (Norwegian one, called “En natt” which means one night). It is kinda special for me because it was filmed in my neighborhood of Grunerløkka, which makes me happy with recognition of every dear corner :)) I can even remember them filming last year, closing those streets and redirecting our paths.

How does October feel to you? Which meaning does this name bring?


color of the season: orange in the rain

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