Say Yes: Besalú, Catalonia

In those times when I used to live more on the social media (now I don’t, and phew, what a relief :)) – I liked to post photos from my trips, even if they were the old ones. Especially on the dark autumn and winter days when I couldn’t find any inspiration in Oslo – I would go for my old pics. And the people who met me seldom would say: “You travel so much. Always photos from the trips”. But these are the old ones, people (and I wouldn’t usually hide that fact).

Today I want to share the photos from our last year’s trip to Catalonia. When we visited a small town of Besalú, hidden between hills and mountains. So that someone can say – on meeting me randomly – “But gosh, you travel so much!” 🙂

That October was a special one for Catalonia as it launched its referendum, with vote for the region’s independence. This is why you’d see a lot of posters saying “Si” (that is “Yes”), hanging from the windows and balconies. So, in the last days of this October I wanted to recollect the bright light of the last October. Saying “si” to it, in my own way 🙂

Besalu is a sweet medieval town, tranquil and authentic. With some influence of tourism but not so much. It has this great bridge and the town walls which make it into a great sight from the river banks. Some old streets, a church and a cathedral. I would not tell you its story as I didn’t learn about it – and I don’t like citing Wikipedia on my blog (I guess, everyone knows where he can read more if he would wish :))

What I can tell you, that Wikipedia doesn’t probably mention, is that the food there was so good! In huge Barcelona the quality can vary, and there are many enough tourist traps there. But in the small hidden towns the food is usually good. Blame it on the loyal customers who crave quality, or closeness to France – but for the total of 13-14 euros we had a menu, full of good taste and delicate serving. I would come back again just for that memorable meal! 🙂

More I would not tell. Make up your own mind, walking these medieval streets. Let me know if something catches your eye. Say yes 🙂

And may you walk in beauty!

(click on any photo to see it full size in the gallery)

27 thoughts on “Say Yes: Besalú, Catalonia

    • Oh dear, I guess that any European food will look attractive to you. Poor! Is it that part of the world where they have rice instead of french fries in McDonalds? 🙊😱 I would die without potatoes (Ukrainian power source 😆). What do you miss the most?


      • Wiii! I would survive in China)) My friend was in Filipinas and she said there were no potatoes, only rice everywhere 😱😱 wow, charging so much for such thing as European food… no comments))
        What about local food? Getting tired of it?


      • I mean it has to be imported, so it makes sense. People also forget that there is such a huge variety of Chinese food, you might like one region’s food but not the food of wherever you are. Also a lot of the time the ingredients are just not of a high quality like in the EU


  1. This is a most excellent post, photos and town. You were there at a historic time and the Yes photos are priceless. I love that bridge too! And the arches!! My favourite photo is of the river with the flag in the foreground on the right. ❤ I'm sure you'll be back. 🙂

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  2. Lovely photos, Marina!! There are so many places I still don’t know in my own country! I love to see my country through the lenses of people from other places, sometimes they even capture things that I can’t perceive as I see them every day (or I saw, it’s been already six years since I moved from Spain and I only go there for holidays or weddings or things like that, hahaha). Is that medieval town in Girona? I think it’s the only region in Cataluña I’ve never visited and I only see or read wonderful things about it! 🙂

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    • Thank, Mercedes, and muchas gracias 😊 I must admit the same about my other two home countries: Ukraine and Norway. In Ukraine I never had money to travel. In Norway I had the money but whenever I had a chance I would fly to the sun. So when people say “oh, Norway, so beautiful, the nature” I go “mmm, yes”. Cuz I haven’t seen more nature that forests around Oslo and mountains on the road to the West coast 🙊🙈😆
      Besalu is a tiny town not far from Girona. More interior, in the area called Ruta de los Volcanos. Girona is nice too! Very special. Not like the rest of Catalunya. I love this diversity!


  3. Interesting medieval town. I have never had a large interest in visiting Spain before, yet I see intriguing photos like these, and it makes me want to visit there! Is it really hot there? Is it very different from Portugal?
    And just to add to the debate about language with Manja Mexi above, it is the Poles who do say “na zdorovje” as “cheers” or a toast, as I was taught that when I was in Poland, – at least that is what all the Poles told us tourists!! Languages are so interesting in their similarities, and how the same word has developed a different meaning in another country.

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    • I am not a big expert on Portugal, I have seen only few places there. But Spain is certainly worth a visit – a series of visits even. Bc Spain is a complex of provinces that are more like different countries. From Southern Andalucia, with its Arabic heritage, to the Northern Basque Country, totally different, with its world-famous restaurants. To Catalonia, both medieval and Roman, and then the interior Spain full of old traditional places. I visited some places – and there is so much to discover! and of course it is hot there, but only in summer :)) The rest of the year is mostly mild and nice for travels, though there can be snow in the North and in the mountains.
      Aha, now we know, it is the Poles, and everyone transfers it to Russians :)) Yes, the close languages are always fun to study. For us, Slavs, some words in the neighbor countries sound just hilarious :))


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