What would you do for inspiration?

At times I find it difficult to come in touch with my motivation and inspiration. Maybe, it’s the apathetic vibe of autumn, or maybe, I think too much. When I’d hear “you think too much”, I’d always smile (superiorly, of course) – but now I ask myself if this is not always such an advantage as I used to see it.

Sometimes I find myself in this philosophical mood when everything seems just a fuss, with no meaning. For example, when I say it would be good to do more blogging again, there is this voice in me that says: “And what is the meaning of it? Why do you want to do it? To get popular once? We have discarded this idea long time ago. To build a community? And what will it give you? Just to communicate? But there are other options to do it in real life – and you know, you would prefer it in real life”. And then the apathy crawls in, and I think: “Ah, whatever. Really, why bother?” Do you know this feeling?

But then there are other times – when I feel inspired and want to do more and more. I’ve discovered that if I do something inspiring, that creates a sparkle in other areas too. Like when I am cooking some creative meal – I am suddenly feel moved to write a blog post. Or if I do a research of the interior stores – I want to jump to my feet, grab my camera and take pictures. It feels like there is a creative centre in my brain, and if it gets started for one thing, the energy starts flowing and spilling over in other things too.

Sometimes I think that I have to start things – like post on the blog – not for some result in the future, but for a process itself. The process that has a capacity to engage me. And then it becomes the meaning behind it. This engagement. The process itself is a goal. But it doesn’t always feel motivating enough. So I have to slightly push myself towards it. And then it starts rolling.

Slightly pushing works sometimes better than waiting for inspiration. Because muse can be a capricious being, coming and leaving as it wishes. But it seems that the inspiration, like appetite, comes in the process of eating. In this case, in the process of doing. As our brain has to save energy, it only gives it to the important tasks. But when I do something –  I get more energy. While if I sit musing about something, I can find myself less motivated and with less energy.

So, maybe, the solution is to ask less philosophical questions, and just do something. Doing is a state of higher energy, and it always feels happier to me. Maybe, to help my motivation I just have to start any tiny project (like writing a post, cooking, going on a photowalk) and see where it leads me. Instead of trying to view it from the bird’s eye view. Maybe, there is no bird’s eye view in this case? Only the path on the ground where I find myself, doing my steps.

Maybe, the creative living is just about this. Doing your steps in the dirt, in the sand, in whatever road condition you find yourself in.

Do you have your own secret keys to open up your motivation and sparkle your inspiration? What  have you learnt about it? What do you do?

P. S. The pictures are from one colorful street in Stavanger, Norway. I think, it’s called Strandgaten, but I am not sure.

25 thoughts on “What would you do for inspiration?

  1. I love this: “Maybe, the creative living is just about this. Doing your steps in the dirt, in the sand, in whatever road condition you find yourself in.” ~ I walk to the public library to see what I can see along the way, to check out books and movies once I’m there, and bring it all back home for inspiration.

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  2. I find inspiration in reading. (However, and I hate to admit this, sometimes I have a really short attention span in which I cannot seem to finish reading the entire books.) Reading an article, reading a tweet, maybe watching a video. Making connections with things going on in my life, too. That’s what gives me inspiration and music. I love these photos!

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    • Thank you for your lovely feedback 😊 I love reading too. I cannot say it moves me to create myself – but it definitely feeds my soul 🙂 Yeah, the attention span gets shorter and shorter in this time of millions of distractions, it takes nerve and practice to keep myself at one thing at a time.

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  3. I’ve been thinking about inspiration a lot lately! Interesting to read your thoughts. I’ve kind of lost mine but I think – and hope – it’s only because I haven’t gotten a full night’s sleep in months. My brain needs to be rested for it to be creative

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    • Oh, Snow, sorry to hear it. But I think it’s the only reasonable explanation. Being a parent of small children leaves little space to all other things in life. It’s like the kids outcrowd other people and activities)) and have you started working again? I mean, if I had kids (and work) I would not open this resource if only for reading shortest texts and viewing some pics. Maybe, I would go back to Instagram 😂😂

      You are doing such an important job right now. Hope, you will get your sleep hours back soon (the bonus of twins, you have two kids already and don’t have to go through another baby period to get a second kid 🙊😆)- and with it the inspiration too. We have to take care of the animal we are living it, so that it can give us any cultural product))

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      • Thanks dear for the encouragement! I just started work (not bad, so quiet at the office that I can hear my own thoughts again!) and the boys just started daycare (crying from being abandoned but luckily they stop crying if the daycare ladies hold them all the time)… so yes it’s busy! Plus some minor health issues etc.
        I’ve found time to read some blogs at work 😂🤣 during little quiet moments or breaks or when I’m waiting for something.

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      • Here in the comments Manja proposed that the best bloggers are those who are unemployed and partly employed. I kinda agree with her. I cannot imagine working full-time and writing a blog. I did it with my Russian blog, but that was kinda diary style. And also during my first years of working at school I stopped even that. This blog I started as a project after I stopped working full-time. Add to it being a parent… and that would make blogging totally not an option.
        But when you read a bit here and there, you would surely one day feel moved to post too 🙂 just give yourself time. Everything is a process.

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      • Hmm, it depends, I guess. For me, blogging isn’t hard work, it’s a way to relax. So it goes well with working full-time. I did that kind of blogging for almost 2 years. Of course if you aren’t working you’ll have more time… When I started my blog, I was unemployed, too. But that was only for the first 4 months of blogging

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      • It depends, it does 🙂 For me it depends on the character of the job. When I had a non-consuming job in the shop I felt more for blogging and I needed it as my creative outlet, but when I worked as a teacher full-time it took all my creative energy, so I would not do blogging for relax :))

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  4. I’ve come from a week in Slovenia in which NOTHING stirred, inspiration-wise. I think I took twenty photos in the whole week, which for me is nothing, and I did it by force. Why? Because there was not a single sun ray coming through all week. So I can only guess how I’d survive in your northern parts in this season. I LOVE your colourful door and window photos (but of course) and your kick-yourself-in-the-butt way of going about it. Not much else remains… As for blogging, I’ve come to realise that best blogs come from people who are unemployed, underemployed or mis-employed, so that their energy remains to be shared. Are you among them? 😉

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    • I know, I know! When the autumn sets it (and even more – winter) it is like a photo death on me 😱😆 No light, no good photos, the fingers get frozen whenever I get outside to catch a seldom sunshine. But you know, one develops an amount of attitude here. When other go complaining, we Norwegians just pull our jackets and hoodies over our nose and trot on 💪😂
      Haha, I appreciate your little sociological study of the bloggers. I am one of them, yes)) I started this blog when I stopped working full-time, it was a project of finding my voice. Since then I only worked part-time (while looking for a bigger job). I wonder how it will be when I find a full-time position.
      And what about you? Are you one of them? 😉

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    • Hmm, what an interesting thought, MM! I’ve never thought of it that way, that the best blogs are by people who don’t work full-time! (I’m also slightly hurt, does that mean you don’t really like my posts that much?! 🤣🤨😋) Anyway, now that I think of it, I guess most bloggers I follow don’t actually work full-time. Maybe the life of people who spend their time at work is so boring that they (we) have nothing to write about? You may be onto something here! 😄

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      • Don’t forget that you were not working for a while now. 😉 But no, you are an exception. It’s not about boring working days, but about the energy. I can’t imagine myself coming home from a tiring day at work only to start preparing a long and complicated blog post. I wonder how you feel this difference now that you’re back to work. And I hope your rock stars like the preschool!

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      • The rock stars haven’t quite adjusted to kindergarden yet, they cry 24/7… going to work is like a holiday compared to childcare – it’s true!! I always used to wonder when people said that. Now I can confirm it. So going back to work isn’t why I haven’t been blogging much. The reason is that I haven’t slept since August because the little ones like to think I’m their favorite human mattress. Last night I didn’t even see my own bed. I sat in a chair all night with a cutiepie in my lap. Aaanyway, I have been working most of the time I was blogging – my most inspired blogging was done after full-time work. But I’ve also done many other things while working full time so I guess it depends… (like getting a master’s degree and working a part time job on the side… blogging sure is more relaxing than they were!) I’ve always relaxed through writing… 🙂

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      • I agree with Manja. It is about energy. It can be either boring or exciting – but coming home from those days leaves me with little energy to sit down and compose a post. I’d better consume (a book or a movie) that produce after work.

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  5. Ummm very interesting post, Marina! I haven’t really though about what inspires me…. I guess at the beginning my photography was all about finding color and beautiful places in the grey Dublin days, and now, it’s the Swiss landscapes what really motivates me. I see now that I’m not that inspired to photograph streets anymore, I prefer the wild and outdoors… But now that I think about it, following other photographers’ work it’s also a source of inspiration, even if they work is not related to mine (you’d be surprised by how many portrait, architecture and even wedding photographers I follow!!)… or even people that are not enthusiast photographers but just have an eye for good composition and light! Hehehe… reading, traveling… the part of planning a trip is also very inspiring for me! And, as you say, once you start looking for your muse, it’s easier to get inspired! I remember how difficult it was for me to write my first posts and find words, all I wanted was to share my photos… it’s becoming easier each time! 🙂
    By the way, I love the photos from that colorful street in Stravager… If I ever go to Norway (and it’s been on my bucket list for sooo long), I’ll visit it! (see? inspiration for future trips!)

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    • Finding something beautiful in the grayness of everyday is always a good motivation. It can give energy and also make the days brighter :))
      Oh, interesting to hear that you follow all kind of photographers. I never thought of that, but maybe I’ll now start looking at wedding photographers too :))
      And yes, blogs about other places always keep me inspired to visit them. So nice that these photos made you wanna visit Stavanger. Norway is definitely worth visiting, mostly its nature, but some cities and towns too.


  6. I have no secret and find it hard too sometimes to get the necessary inspiration. But I can tell you your pictures on this post are GORGEOUS!
    I will now read all the comments and see if I can use a trick or two…

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