A Kick of Inspiration

Thank you so much for the discussion of inspiration under my previous post. It inspired me even more πŸ™‚ To be precise – to think about the places (and some other things) that bring a spark of inspiration in me (I just stopped to think of the word “spark”. While in English it means a small fiery particle, the same word means a “kick” in Norwegian. Which brings me to the words of Manja, in the same comment section, calling it a “kick-yourself-in-the-butt” attitude. Well, yes. While in other countries you can catch a perfect light, as an artist, in the North it is all about kicking yourself up to some action during these dark months :))

While we were talking in the comments about things and places that inspire us, I came to think of a practice from the book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron (aka my favorite book on creativity). She called it the dates with your Inner Artist (also your Inner child). The book is made as a course of 12 weeks, with exercises for each week. But the dates should be done regularly, once a week. This may be anything that your inner artist would love, no other meaning to it. A stationary store, a museum, a walk in the nature – anything that brings you joy and playfulness.

To be honest, I forgot this practice a while ago. I was not so fantastic good at it while reading the book, and after the book was finished, I was no more reminded of it. But, luckily, I developed a habit of going to places that I like to feel that spark.

Here I want to share the list of places that make me feel inspired:

  • The bookstores. Especially, the big ones. There was this one in Oslo, which got its building from the cinema. There were comfy chairs and a free coffee machine (doing only black coffee, so I never tried it). There were rooms and rooms filled with books, and you could pick one, sit in the chair and look through its pages. I especially loved their books on arts. It felt almost like a library.
  • a public library. I particularly am fond of the main library of Oslo, great and old, with its murals and high shelves. It puts me into a special good mood to see people reading, studying, browsing through the books there. Maybe, since books were my best friends in childhood, I like this air of respect and seriousness πŸ™‚
  • the concept stores. Those who sell clothes, some interior pieces, maybe, also skin care products and candles. It is kinda hip now – and I cannot stop myself from falling for it. Every time πŸ™‚
  • the parks and even more – the botanical gardens. There is so many positive effects on my mind and soul, when I am there. The everchanging nature makes me keep my breath – and breathe deeper. It is my place of strength – the botanical garden.
  • you may laugh, but I will go and name this one – Ikea. Yes, the Swedish furniture store makes me inspired. And I will tell you why. Because Ikea is not just about decoration and furniture – it is about ideas. It seems like some smart heads work there, and when they find some smart solutions – I cannot help but get excited. I love how they think of small things (of which others don’t seem to think), I love how they set up the rooms and decorate – I even love how they promote Sweden, writing “Hej!” at the entrance, names in Swedish in the food store, and in other small ways (I mean, as Norwegian I should not feel so enthusiastic about it, there is a bittersweet relationship with this neighbor – but, sorry, I do feel inspired in Ikea :))

And here are some other things that make me inspired:

  • the interior magazines. After looking through one closely, I cannot believe how many small pretty details I start seeing around me (and grabbing my camera to photograph them).
  • coffee. Yepp, this one is always a winner. Maybe, it is a caffeine high – but ooh, it lifts me up. A morning coffee and writing has been one of my favorite habits. And sometimes I would get out, grab a coffee to go or sip a cappuccino in my favorite hipster bar – and after that I feel more for life and creativity. So much more :))
  • some music. For example, the music of 90s when I was a teen. Makes me wanna sing and dance – and when I do neither, the creative energy needs to be channeled elsewhere (but sometimes I choose just to sing and dance :))
  • Movies about creative minds. The past two weeks I was lucky: I went to see “Colette” about the French writer and “Bohemian Rhapsody” (well, you know, about Queen). The stories of the artists in their making is such an inspiration. It makes me wanna shake myself up and say: “Get up and go. Walk your walk”.

Do you have your special places or activities that make you feel this spark? Let’s make this list even longer πŸ™‚

my favorite concept shop in Oslo


14 thoughts on “A Kick of Inspiration

  1. Hej, I see my name upon the wall, I mean your post. πŸ™‚ Great to see that you got a little kick in the butt from me. I find it especially sweet how it goes around, from blogger to blogger, and then comes back in a neat little circle of friends.

    Book, libraries, nature, cities, other people’s blogs – all of that, and music too, of course, just shopping and stores are a big no-no inspiration-wise, sucking my energy not giving it, in my case.

    The first time I was in IKEA was in Rome, and I was soooo surprised. I expected some sort of northern order, but it’s a giant mess. If you want to find furniture pieces you’ve chosen online to buy, you must first find them in situ, displayed in no order, and then again down there in the storage to take with you to buy. I was happy that they let dogs in though, which meant a huge dog party everywhere, since Italians love to take their dogs shopping, and then, in the middle of all the hassle, our bestia decides to make a not so little poop in there, as a commentary to what I was thinking of it. πŸ˜€

    Furniture is still good, after five years, which says it all, I suppose.

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    • I love it too how the inspiration goes around this circle of bloggers! Lovely noticed, Manja πŸ™‚
      Ahaha, Ikea in Rome is something special, I guess :)) I imagine it different from Ikea in Oslo, for sure. Though the idea is to be like McDonalds, united Swedish ambassy in every country – but I guess, Italians would still do it there own way, or don’t bother :))
      hihi, I have never seen a dog party in any shop, not in Ikea either. But I can confirm that Italians love to take their dogs everywhere, after a very busy Easter Sunday in Firenze, where to all the human mess there were dogs everywhere. Seems that they just HAVE to be included in everything. Btw, I’ve seen many dogs in Barcelona too, it looks like locals can’t live in their small apartments with too few members, so they fill them up with either kids or dogs. Is it true in the Italian case too?

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