Oslo in Black and White

Even though I am a color lover and always prefer to search for color, there was a day when I got attracted to all black-and-white and couldn’t stop finding it everywhere. You know this thing, when you turn your attention to something particular – and then you keep on seeing it everywhere, don’t you?

So I decided that since there was so much black-and-white in my view, then that will it be. Here is what I found on that particular day. It was in October, so yes, it is totally non-representative of how Oslo is right now in terms of light (though there is even more black and white in it now :))


And let me start with my favorite duo. Does the name of this tea shop come from that old movie “Black cat, white cat” by Emir Kusturica? Have you seen it, by the way? I have heard about the movie and the director many times, but never had the chance to see it. I took the photos by chance, without any idea – and only later I’ve seen whom I’ve captured in those images.

And here is the rest of my collection. Looks like the black-and-white signs are the most popular motif here πŸ™‚

If you look around your place now and notice black-and-white things, let me know what they are πŸ˜‰

And may you forever stay curious!

14 thoughts on “Oslo in Black and White

    • “Photo essay” is an interesting concept. I have never heard of it before πŸ™‚
      “unntatt” means “except for”. Funny word? πŸ™‚ It can look exotic, surely, I am just so used to seeing those words that I loose that fresh touch))

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  1. Nice post, Marina! I though I was going to see black and white photos, and it was really nice to see the concept interpreted in such a different way!
    It’s weird, I don’t remember Stockholm having so many black and white signs… even if they share the same Scandinavian or Nordic style with the Norwegian… not to mention Dublin or any Swiss cities… Here there is so much color around! Hehehe! I can only think on one brand that always uses these colors everywhere: Zara!
    So, why are Oslo signs so serious and monochromatic??

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    • Thank you, Mercedes! Eh, no, no black-and-white photos)) I don’t do usually, bc I like to look for color. And Oslo has some of it, luckily.
      Mmm, I would not say Oslos signs are so monochromatic. I did once a post of signs, and as I remember, there were colors in there. Why is Oslo so serious? Good question. They like to keep it simple and minimalistic, I guess. I have changed in that direction too. Before I would fill my house with every colorful fancy thing, but now I am looking for elegance and tranquil color scheme))


  2. Emir Kusturica used to be one of my favourite directors. The film you mention may not be as deep or poetic as some others but it’s probably the funniest, slapstick comedy. His early films are my favourites, as is Arizona Dream with Johnny Depp.

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