5 Things of Everyday

One tiny revelation: the fuller my life is at the moment – the emptier my social media profile is 🙂 And sometimes, even this blog (which is sad).

Whenever I see my facebook feed, there is so much life going on: people eating out with their boyfriends, visiting christmas markets, traveling, having drinks. And the more I eat out with my husband, or have drinks, or visit any kind of cozy market – the less I feel like sharing it. And when it gets even more intense – I feel like going under water. There is so much going on IRL, in real life, that there are no more emotions left to do the social media sharing.

These past weeks have been pretty intense – with good things. After writing several posts on inspiration here and here, I have discovered my own simple truth: the importance of being bored. I don’t know about you, but I need to be bored (in a good sense) in order to create. I need a silence and space to feel the need to create. When there is so much input, I just don’t feel like working on output. My energy goes on digesting the impressions. And no energy is left for making expressions.

In the middle of all this positive turmoil I have found my anchor: my everyday routine. Today I am coming back to the beauty of my everyday things. This post of five things I like, is devoted to them 🙂

my everyday company

Thing #1. These guys stand on the shelf next to my desk. Keeping me with company. The guy on the right is an Oslo souvenir, a replica of the statue in the famous Vigeland park. His name is “Sinnatagen” (roughly translated as “Angry boy”). The park has a lot of sculptures and sculptural groups by Gustav Vigeland, but this little guy is the most popular one. There is always a line of tourists for a photo with him, and his hand is shiny from so many touches (as some other  parts of his body too :)).

The guy on the left bears the name Hoptimist. Hop and optimist, and it does both. It is some 60s Danish design – here interpreting Norwegian flag. When I press lightly on his head, it bounces from side side, happily waving his cheering ears. Always puts me in a good mood.

This duo reminds me of our couple. Me – on the right, in my Eastern European attitude. My man – on the left, always optimistic and bouncing with energy. There is a great picture about different attitudes, where Eastern European is very well explained. Scroll down to the bottom for it.

Thing #2 and #3 have less history to them. Thing #2 is my new coffee cup, always my best friend in the morning. I love its graphic color theme. It turned out, black-and-white solution is as lovable as colors.

Thing #3 is a  wooden box which turned out to be such a great find (from H&M Home). It is both practical and pretty, making me believe I am in some kitchen of Provence :))

Thing #4 is not a thing but a match of my old iPod (I love listening to my old music there, it makes fresh so many memories) and this postcard saying: “We have only two lives, and the second one starts when we realize we have only one”. I bought this card last winter in Barcelona and its quote has defined this whole year. I love how the violet sky of the card reflects itself in my iPod – my past and my future, playing together :))

Thing #5 is about a feminine touch anywhere. I have added so much pink to our home, and my man hasn’t started a rebellion yet 😉 This pic I would call: “How to please a woman?” Just put everything pink in one box – and add a candle.

And here is the commentary to my first photo of attitudes. Look what Facebook has given to me – all truth about us, Eastern Europeans (I am a Norwegian-Ukrainian, if you don’t know my background. Born in Ukraine, became adult in Norway). My friend posted it on his wall and I commented: “I totally find myself in there!” He, also an Eastern European from Canada, answered: “Even so…”, totally in the spirit of it.

I find the Eastern European curve to be the most hilarious one (and kinda very true). I like it so much – even so – that I catch myself repeating: “What’s this garbage?” :))

After I shared it, my friends started making suggestions about other curves. The Spanish one would be: mierda! – muy bien! – perfecto! – genial! They talk in superlatives, the Spanish. Such an intense nation. While there are different suggestions on the Scandinavian one, my own Norwegian version would be: one half – “not so bad”, second half – “we are so lucky (who live in Norway)” :))

If you have an idea of how it would look like for your country/nation, please share it with me! :))

Do you have your favorite everyday thing?

And may you walk in beauty!

10 thoughts on “5 Things of Everyday

  1. Hmm… I guess I’m not an Eastern European at all… But I know, I’m Mittel European, the worst, most masochistic bunch of all. 😀 As for Italians, their amplitudes go up and down even more, from one extreme to another. I like the couple in your first photo and your explanation. 🙂 That angry boy is great, I haven’t seen him yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahaha, you make it sound the worst option 😆 but think, Austrians are also Mittel europeans and look how they are. Pretty optimistic to me))
      That couple is my favorite! It is so me and my man)) the angry boy must the most popular Norwegian kid. Google “sinnatagen” for more views.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hihih! Calling Austrians pretty optimistic is… well, pretty optimistic. 😉 Think Nobel winning writer Elfriede Jelinek or director Micheal Haneke. They show it as it is, bleak human nature. My blog is not such, so I’m neither Mittel European then! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • Eh, hehe, I loved Austrians when I lived there. To me they are pretty optimistic (though of course Norwegians are way more, with all their oil money))).
        Hm, these names tell me nothing, time to self-educate 🙂
        then, you are neither that either. Join my fusion vision! I aim for Scandi-spanish approach, and what would you mix?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Heheh, fusion for the win! Our car is one too. 😉 We are Ljubljana-Roma self-righteous-arrogant but also kind, fun, emphatic and most of all hedonistic bunch. 😀 Scandi-Spanish sounds just right too. There’s fun and health in the mixing!

        Liked by 1 person

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