My True Color: Year 2018

The turn of the year is always a special time – and a difficult time to blog. Not just because we are all so busy packing, unpacking (gifts or suitcases), visiting families and having a good time/food and some drinks (sometimes too many). But I also feel a need to write something special – and the most remote idea runs away at this wish.

I used to make summaries of the past year, to write thanks and wishes – but this year has been so evidently full with events and changes that I don’t even feel like summing it up in my little notebook. Feeling lack of inspiration (and trying to chase some of those runaway ideas), I was scrolling down through the photos of the past year. When my eye caught a pattern – this year was full of especially one thing. Or better say – of one color. And the color was – tada – pink! (anybody surprised here?)

Well, I would never say that I look at the world through the pink glasses. But it looks like my life is more rosy than I dare to admit it :)). So I want to celebrate its pinkness with you! As I wonder, which color will fill my life in the new year 🙂

In the beginning of 2018 the city of Barcelona was welcoming me with these skies of love. Back home in Oslo I filled my home with flowers and small shopping finds like this  golden chain with M for my name, all set up in pink too. On the sunny days I went on photowalks, capturing some sweet eye-candy of the houses and anything funny or wonderful. Like the pink graffiti on the stone by the river, covered with ice. Talking about self-love and education. I as a teacher have to put my thought into it :))

In the spring I went to Rome for some days. It was rainy and cold, but still pink and lovely, especially those nights in Trastevere (especially after Aperol Spritz), as you can see :)) In May I found my sweet spot in my favorite secret garden – the botanical garden of Oslo. Where the bushes of rhododendron replaced the snow with their petals on the pavement – I prefer this pink snow so much more! And the tulips were like fashion warriors – all tall, all together and all intense. I loved everyone of them.

I also did some home photography – along with some home cleaning and wardrobe decluttering. Don’t worry, no of the pink items have suffered in this process! (Hmm, well some did obviously, where is that pink bag?..)

For summer exploring I went to the colonial gardens (my second favorite secret garden). I like walking in the neighborhood and peeping through the gates into the backyards. And some of them are real jewels of this simple architecture style, so popular in Norway, which is called functionalism. And when it is so pink, how can it leave my heart still and quiet? :))

That summer our home went through changes as we were working on selling it (we didn’t sell it though, and I am not sad about it, not at all:)). I took upon me the burden the task of decorating. Which I enjoyed immensely, because it allowed me to fill the flat to the rims with pink details, what a pleasure! :))

The autumn days brought some rain but I am lucky to own this rain coat which makes every rainy day a bit more rosy. And the autumn blooms are always my favorite (because my mom used to call me a chrysanthemum and predict that I would be a late bloomer). They come just in the most needed time, when the days get shorter and darker, and they are way more mature and sophisticated than those superficial and flirtatious spring blossoms :))

And the year wrapped up with one of those sunsets of love – again over this city of love. From the windows that I would call home soon.

Barcelona sunset

And here are some more pink posts of the past year (if you ever will feel for more pink :)). My pink rewind of 2018.

Color Hunt: Pink

Color Combo to Love

The Color of the Month: Pink

Home: My True Colors

What is your color of the past year? How would you sum up 2018 in one thing, word or action?

May you walk in beauty and that rosy optimism, even though your life is not a dance on roses (and whose is?)!


10 thoughts on “My True Color: Year 2018

  1. Sounds like you are living rosy moments 🙂 Are you renting your flat, since you didn’t sell it? So maybe you’ll come back to Norway? When are you moving? 😉
    Did you hear already that in 2019 the Pantone color will be “living coral” – and I love that color! It isn’t pink but maybe you’ll like it too 🙂
    My word for 2018: sleep (importance of and lack of)… my color for 2018… hmm… the light blue color of my toddlers’ eyes ❤
    Happy 2019 Marina!
    Ps. I mentioned you in a post

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    • It suddenly seems there are more rosy moments than I thought))
      Yes, the flat is gonna be rented out. We are in the process of moving 😉
      I have heard about Pantone’s choice and I like it. Another shade of pink will go on))
      Your 2018 word includes a lot of aspects and thinking, I see 🙂 and a lovely color.
      Happy 2019, Snow! May it be wonderful!

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  2. Such a pretty collection of photos!!! They made me forget about the gloomy winter for a moment 🌸. My 2018 summed up in one word? Suitcase! For many reasons I’ve used it a lot this past year. The handle has broken down 2 months ago which means I could buy a new, bigger, brighter one!
    Have a lovely pretty 2019 Marina xxx

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    • Thank you, Veronique! The pink ones are always the most optimistic. I guess, I will keep up with that 🙂
      Suitcase is a good word. I know that it’s not all about dreamy escapes. But anyway. I like suitcases. Hope, there has been more joy to that than anything else.
      go on and buy yourself a new one, the brighter one :)) And happy 2019 to you too! May it be filled with good things!

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  3. I like it how you stick to your pink and get so much joy from it. 🙂 When I was choosing the background colour for my new blog, I thought of you because it’s quite on the pink side. Snow calls it coral and I guess it’s all the rage of this new year. I’m not protesting! I also love it how you call your sunsets of love and the word on the wall. ❤ I have to show you my wardrobe colours one day, completely opposite. All green. 😀 I wish you a most excellent year, full of events and emotions, because real life wins over posting about it. 🙂


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