What Inspires Me Right Now

No, the past month hasn’t been rich in photos. It has been rich in life – but, sadly, not in photos. I have scrolled my mobile camera roll – nope, no great photos there either. But wait a sec. There are many bits and pieces I see there that have inspired me through the last months. Why not start this year by sharing my sources of inspiration with you?


  1. Home Inspiration.

I fell in love with this resource, the online shop for posters Desenio ( the ideas come from Stockholm, Sweden. The Swedes are good at capturing the trends, especially now when the Scandinavian design is so hot again).

If you want to reinvent your home, the new pictures can be an easy way to do so. Right now I love the trend of hanging numerous posters on the wall. Desenio gives you a lot of great designs that can easily be combined, plus there is so much inspiration in their room images. My dream is to paint one wall in some modern color and fill it with posters -just like they propose 🙂

2. Artist Inspiration.

On Desenio site I found this artist that totally captures this modern spirit of traveling and exploring, with some nostalgic retro touch. Henry Rivers has done the travel poster collection that is definitely worth of checking out, especially if you like to travel (or dream about it :)).

Henry Rivers' art
Henry Rivers’ art posters

Wouldn’t it be nice to fill your wall with the posters of places that you dream of? Or those that you have a special relation to? I love every image and it feels difficult to choose :)) But here are some that I would go for at first.


And which would you choose?

3. Blogger Inspiration. 

Recently I have become a fan of this Norwegian blogger – Camilla Pihl. She is quite a veteran who started her blog in 2004 and won several blogging awards. Now she has turned her blog into a kind of online magazine with several contributors. Its subjects are lifestyle, receipts, home, fashion and wellbeing – well, quite a classical choice for any women’s magazine.

What I especially like about Camilla’s blog is her focus on small sweet details that can make the day brighter. I love her philosophy of simple joys. I also like the shots of her in cosy sweaters (which seems to be one of her signature looks) and the total atmosphere of her photos – filled with light (even in the dark Norwegian conditions :)), with this soft feminine, often pinkish touch (as you know, I am a lover of pink ;))

blogger Camilla Pihl
blogger Camilla Pihl

4. Fashion Inspiration

Maybe, because these are Swedes again, maybe, because I am weak for concept stores – but this brand has caught my heart in the last year (and I am going to carry it to the new year too). The name is “And other stories”, and it is said to be a little (or big?) brother of H&M. It is a bit more exclusive than its brother, with cooler stores and more expensive items. But it transmits the same cool and cozy vibe of a Scandi girl.

What I especially love about them is the design of the stores. I’ve been only in one so far, on Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona, with its huge windows letting in lots of light. There are shoes, clothes and some jewelry – but then there is a corner with soaps, skin care products, candles with funny Swedish names and some other lifestyle picks. And whenever I see a store that creates the total lifestyle concept, where you feel like living in the store – then I know that they are gonna always have my heart, even if their wool cardigans can seem a bit pricey and scratchy :))


5. Music Inspiration

The Brazilian music in the middle of the winter is always a joyful idea! I am coming back to the artist I used to love after I have heard her song on the soundtrack of “Eat.Pray.Love”. Bebel Gilberto and her wonderful voice has brought me through so many cold winter days. The song “Aganju” has been my special favorite.  Coming back to it feels like coming back home :))

What inspires you right now? Which resources, names, sounds, ideas make your mind get this sparkle?

And may your life be filled with curiosity and inspiration!


21 thoughts on “What Inspires Me Right Now

  1. I like how this post looks. Very calming and pretty colors!
    I have not been feeling inspired lately. Or actually I haven’t looked much around me.
    I will start being more conscious about it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Andrea! It looks quite Scandinavian to me, that’s why calming maybe))
      Oh, just take a break and look around (or in your camera roll 😆), maybe you’re more inspired than you realize))


  2. Nice post to get us thinking about inspiration. So I guess ironically, yours was an inspiring post!! Right now I feel I inspired by my motivation for the new year ahead – exercise, running and doing more things for me. My big inspiration is following design blogs as my plans to buy my own little house start to come into fruition!!

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    • Thank you so much for visiting and leaving your thoughts!
      Ahh, it is so great to be inspired by this fresh energy!
      Oh, design blogs sound so nice! congrats on the new purchase and the new project! which blogs have you found so far? I’d love to hear.
      My favorite one on home is My Scandinavian Home, but I’d love to find more.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t know My Scandinavian Home but I follow something that sounds very similar on Instagram and I love the simplicity of their home designs. I know that I read late last year that there is a move away from the simplicity of interior design and towards clutter but I still love that “bare walls” aesthetic. I haven’t got my house yet but it is getting closer! Its been a dream for ages so I am determined to make it happen. Thanks for replying to my comment 🙂 🙂

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      • You can find My Scandinavian Home here on WordPress, it is a regular blog with lots of cool photos. Btw, “bare walls” are being replaced by walls full of posters, also in Scandivian style, I got it covered in my last post.
        I think, 100% Scandi minimalism is boring but it’s good to have it for playing with 🙂
        If you find any inspiring interior blog here on WP, let me know! I am a lover too :))

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  3. Excellent post!
    I love how you always turn up with ideas, photos or sites to share. I am definitely checking DESENIO more into details. I loved what I saw so far.
    Camilla’s blog looks inspiring too although I do not understand a line! But the photos look stunning.
    Thanks agin for sharing. Love from France

    Liked by 1 person

    • Merci, Veronique! The pleasure is all mine 😊 doing such posts is really fun, and even more if I get such a sweet feedback.
      Desenio is such a great place! Even if you don’t end up buying many of their designs (not cheap), you will definitely get some good ideas.
      Camilla’s blog is not about texts really, so don’t worry, I hardly read them either)) and if really would need that receipe or smth – there is always “right click – translate” option 😁

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  4. After the break during Christmas I was missing your posts, Marina! Specially now that you write so much about inspiration!! I hope you find time to take photos again… but in the meantime, these images are also quite inspiring!! So wintry and at the same time, so warm… I love the decoration and those soft sweaters…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, merci, Mercedes, and gracias :)) Hearing that brings me to inspiration 🙂 In the middle of this moving business I have lost my writing and posting schedule. I will try to get it back on track soon. So far, I will dig into anything I have of photos and stuff to keep this blog alive! thank you for staying with me!


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