Oranges in the Skies

There was this one winter when we did a road trip in Andalusia, Southern Spain. Driving from Malaga to Cadiz through Marbella, visiting the towns around like Sanlucar de Barrameda, then Sevilla, then Granada, and back to Malaga to fly from it to Oslo. It was late December. In Norway it was all a black and white winter tale. While in Sevilla, lost on just another hidden plaza, we were sitting on the bench and I was tilting my head up and back. Looking at the orange trees above my head.

And then at last I concluded: “This is my favorite type of winter. When there are oranges in the skies”

another bench, in Marbella

Then this winter I was walking with two friends in Barcelona and we were talking about those orange trees. This is when I learnt that the winter is the natural season for oranges (even though we don’t eat those from the city trees). Now I know why the oranges bought in summer never tasted that good! Oranges is the winter fruit. And winter – is the season for oranges! Not only for snow, but also for oranges!

It is such a good news for me, who is partly traumatized by all that black and white winter tale that lasts too long in the North. Orange is the new black  new hope for this season. Let me prove it to you with pictures!

What is your winter color? And what would you like it to be?

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