Black and White – At Home

If you know me just a bit, you know that I am a color lover. Especially the bright colors make my heart bounce with joy, because I find them full of life and optimism. I have shared some collections of yellow, orange and lots of pink. I also collected colors in my city and tried to show that Oslo can truly be colorful.

I would never call myself a color minimalist. On the opposite, the more colors I could mix, the better. I would never be the one wearing total black or monochrome outfit. But recently my eye got attracted to this simple combination of black and white. First I noticed it on the streets of Oslo, then in my home, and now I find it in interior and fashion trends, so it seems to be everywhere 🙂

over my desk

Maybe, this is the effect of living so many years in Norway – my taste has changed from the eclectic to minimalistic. Maybe, it is the sign of getting older and wiser :)) But isn’t it pretty, this simple combination of black and white? Clear, graphic, elegant. I can’t stop admiring it. Am I boring? 🙂 Let’s have a look at what I found at home! Later I  would love to share what I found in the stores and trends.

Let me know if you have any special affinity with black and white, or only black, or only white :))

And may your life be filled with beauty, no matter of which color!

7 thoughts on “Black and White – At Home

  1. Black and white… I think it’s the most elegant combination!!! Even in homes, maybe with a bit of wood. That’d be my dreamed home!! Although now that I had to decorate mine, I put some color in it… or I carried with me from before, because those colors are from past travels, gifts,…. hehehe
    As for photography, that it’s my field, I love BnW photos, but I don’t do them. I think they look awesome but are tremendously difficult!!
    But, yes, I love the combination… but I always prefer white!! It’s one of my favorite colors since always!! I don’t know how many white sweaters, shirts and blouses I can accumulate in my wardrobe, hehehe.

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    • I understand that collection of colors, from travels and gifts, and I love it, it is your personal story. I would not enjoy living in super minimalistic home looking like museum – but some mininalistish feeling I would love too :)) black and white is one of the easiest way to do it, actually!
      Enjoy your decorating process!


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