Black and White Trend: Home and Fashion

Since I have started to notice the black and white theme around me – on the streets of my city and then at home, this combo seems to be popping everywhere. It is even on trend this season, as I came to conclude after walking through some stores.

And though some may have different opinion on black-and-white vs. colorsΒ , and even though I have proclaimed myself a color lover ages ago (actually, my second blog in Russian which I started 10 years ago has the name “My Life in Color and Black and White”), I just cannot resist the elegance and prettiness of this simple combination. Let’s do the window shopping with me and see for yourselves!

I found these pretty images in one of my favorite stores – Β H&M Home. I wanted to write “my favorite interior store”, but then I had to admit that even when I look at clothes, my feet draw me towards the Home section. And even when I came in need of stockings or a hoodie, I end up buying either golden spoons, a candle or a wooden tray. And to be honest, I find their Home section of better style and quality than their clothes, but, psst, this is just between us. Or, maybe, interior stores have become my obsession after all decorating for sale and then decorating after moving.

So, it is black and white trend, particularly its graphic and artistic version. All those drawings of faces on vases, cups and plates remind me of artists like Matisse. Any other artists jumping to your mind?

Here are some items I found on H&M Home online store.

Another simple way to introduce black-and-white theme into your home is by posters. I already shared how much I feel inspired by posters on Desenio online store. Here are some posters of my favorite cities. I love cities and would love to hang all their names on my wall :)) But so far I have only Oslo. Which city would you choose?

The fashion world seems also to follow that trend of graphic drawings, pencil sketches of faces and artistic allusions. Here are some T-shirts I found in Mango and on Zalando online marketplace. For myself I would buy a T-shirt with a message, in black and white, and wear it with black pants or blue jeans. I just wait till I find that perfect one with that perfect message :))

I should admit, I have always been too much of color than too little. If I had to buy shoes, that must be in red. Boots, party shoes or sneakers – whatever, but in red. If it was a coat, please red again or electric blue. If socks or stockings – with colorful stripes. If hoodie – an orange or violet one. And lately I stopped wearing jeans and was all into skirts. So I ended up with closet full of colors and shapes – and a problem of mixing them. I missed the simple basic colors that would bind the fireworks together.

So I would never imagine that I could come to like the monochrome combinations. But it is so nice and easy! You don’t have to spend much time trying to combine that orange hoodie, red skirt, blue coat and red shoes. You just ask: black top and white down, or white top and black down? Or all in black, or all in white? Isn’t it a lovely solution? That can save your energy and time? (“Yes, it is!” is the right answer here ;)) Even though I like spending some energy on thinking through my outfit, but sometimes it is just too much. Sometimes I wish I were a man :)) Or Steve Jobs with his eternal turtleneck.

So this season I decided to buy some black pants and black skirt, some simple T-shirts and see if I like playing with this combo. Not usual for me, but that’s a fun of it too. Something new everyday.

Let me know if you want to join me :))

And may you walk in beauty, no matter of which color!

9 thoughts on “Black and White Trend: Home and Fashion

  1. Thanks, Marina! I have to wear color. Today it’s a pink work shirt with a bright red T underneath. My jeans are black, though…does that count? πŸ™‚

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  2. Hi, “some with different opinions” here. πŸ˜€ Thank you so much for linking to me. I had a bit of fun with my poem, as you could see. I also think that there is time and place for black and white and have nothing against this scheme at all. In fact, our furniture in the living room is the IKEA black and white ensemble. This is where my minimalism ends. πŸ˜‰

    My wardrobe is also full of uncombinable things. They do this on purpose, the shops, so that you buy more. :p But the majority of my clothes are green, to the point where it’s a getting out of hand… Who knows, maybe I’ll need them to blend in when we go back to nature. πŸ˜‰

    I think that your reasoning makes sense. Anything that saves time and trouble is worth it. Have fun with or without your colours, as you feel like.

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    • I just thought that your poem can give such a nice perspective twist to the whole color discussion, so “de nada” as they say in Spanish (not sure what they say in Italian :)).

      Haha, let’s blame it all on the shops! It is not us buying all that mix, it is them, pushing down on us so that we feel lost and buy even more :))
      Green is one color I cannot wear. I don’t know why, but I like seeing it – but not wearing it. I wonder how it will be introduced into my wardrobe once… Blending in with nature is always a good idea, especially if you’re on a photo mission :))

      Totally. I have discovered pulling the outfit together can be such an energy-needing activity, that sometimes I miss simple things that can work as a uniform. I never liked uniforms, but now I would appreciate to have just one :))

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  3. I like color puking. I mean, I have so much color it’s pure chaos. My visual art has always been that way and I dress that way too. The patterns are becoming more adult and minimalistic but not the colors. Even if I wear monochromatic I wear a color pop too. It seems really out of place here in Norway but it’s just what I am like. πŸ˜›

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    • I would say “I give you some years”, but I don’t want to be like that. So cynical :)) I arrived to Norway like that, and after 12 years there…well, let’s call it adulting, hehe.
      I love colors and their mixes, I just would not call it “puking”))
      Stay the way you are and make this world a brighter place!

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