Home: Place for Everything

The good thing about changing a flat is that one can start creating the new space just as one wishes. From the blank page. When I moved in with my husband, his flat was already set, so I had to carve out small spaces for my changes and things. When we moved now to Barcelona, the flat was empty, with very few pieces of furniture (I even had to sleep on the floor the first weeks). So we had to spend some time and money visiting all the interior stores (instead of drinking sangria and eating tapas, like most of my friends thought I was doing :)). The upside of it was that I had more freedom in creating our home this time.

Now, after all stress and mess, I feel content with some results and want to share the corners I like. This one is from my side of the bedroom. It is a sunny room with the big French windows, which are also doors to the balcony. It is so great to wake up and see the sunlight beaming through. And in the evening I like to light a candle and unwind with a book. I close the door and feel like it is my secret garden. Where there is place for my books, my dreams, my jewelry, my inspiration – the place for everything.

These shelves were installed here before we moved in. First I wanted to remove them all, then I found them practical for placing things likes books and pictures. Here I wanted to create a mood board (this one is from Ikea), but so far I just placed two pictures and was happy with the minimalistic feeling. I wonder if once there would be more :)) The board is also a pretty place to keep my jewelry. And the book “A Paris Year” by Janice Macleod inspires me to explore more of this new city I came to live in.

I wanted this space to feel as simple as possible, so we went for light colors. It took eternity to find the lamps for the night table, but at last I found these – and we had to conclude that they look just like the lamps we had in Oslo. You may take the girl out of Oslo, but you cannot take Oslo out of the girl :))

Inspired by Ikea catalogue, I wanted the rack with hooks or knobs beside my bed. I found this one in Ikea (just for 3€! And its name is “Lurt” which in Norwegian means smart. Well, this one was pretty lurt, I mean smart :)) and I also bought knobs in different shapes. And then, browsing Zara Home shop, I found a whole variety of sweet and colorful knobs. So I bought two pink ones to make the rack more special (if you would like to do the same, be aware that those knobs are for the doors or drawers and they have a longer screw. We had to saw them so they would fit this rack). And voila, little DIY rack, with some pink accents 🙂

It is not much, but it is enough to feel cozy and happy in this little corner of mine. It is not about having a lot – it is about having a place for everything.

Do you have a favorite corner of your home?

And may you have space for everything that is you!

16 thoughts on “Home: Place for Everything

  1. Oh yes…the couch corner! Mine is a short Mission design, just five feet long including its two wide, flat wooden arms that are great for stacking library books, writing and sketch tablets, and meals. It diagonally faces the front window with a view to my – presently – snowy world. I can spend all day there very happily and sometimes I spent the night!

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      • I missed that event!! I thought you were still trying to sell your flat in OSLO.
        How long has it been?

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      • That’s totally right, I didn’t make a loud event out of this one. And I was too busy and distracted to make a good story out of it 😆Maybe, when all the emotions settle down, I will be able to see it from afar and and tell a better tale 😊

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      • I’ve read your last post and you seem to be feeling that your new life is just as it should be. Like you belong! Do you enjoy Barcelona and I hope the honeymoon phase of this new love story lasts as long as you wish to stay there.

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      • Yes, it feels right. Though not always easy. But right. That’s so important to me. And I like that I came here after Norway. Makes me enjoy some things more))
        I hope, this will be a long life story, not just honeymoon haze 😆

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      • Merci, Vero!
        Uff, I don’t know where to start… 😭😆
        No. But life is life, it is never so easy. New place, new country, new language, new noise. We got spoiled by Norway, by its money, fairness, relaxed mood. In a way, it is easier in Norway (if you find a job and adapt to climate). Barcelona is way more chaotic, you cannot trust anyone, pocket thieves, robberies, services cheating you for money… Everything says: “wake up!” (And we were sleeping so sweet in Norway 😊)


  2. You moved already!! I hope it was a smooth transition (I know it’s not… I’ve moved internationally 4 times!! It’s always an adventure!)…
    How do you find living in Barcelona after the Scandinavian experience? It’s quite a change!!
    I’m looking forward to seeing more of your new home! Maybe you inspire me for the corners I have still empty in my apartment, hehehe 🙂

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    • Hehe, hmm, smooth?… Like you said, it is always an adventure, but it is hard to call it smooth. Let’s keep the word “exciting” for this one 🙂
      I totally love living in Barcelona, and especially after Norway! It is like every sunny day is a gift, hehe. This is what we learn in the North. To never take these things for granted :)) Maybe, it is just a phase, but I do enjoy, and the more I settle, the more I do. First weeks we felt like chickens without heads, running in all directions, doing all kind of things. Now it starts to sink that it is about living and enjoying this place.

      Hehe, I have some empty corners too, so let’s see if I can fill them with something worthy to inspire someone :))


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