10 Most Awesome Tips for Blogging

Ok, they are not 10, not very awesome, and even not really tips. But after having read some popular blogs and various advice lists, I just had to come up with the list of my own, honest and hopefully effective. No more intro, here they are.

  1. Make it your special to start every post by addressing your readers in the same way, preferably like if you were talking to puppies. Example: hello cuties/lovelies/babes.
  2. If you want to use somebody’s idea, say that you were “inspired” and thus you can also leave out the person’s name.
  3. Write lists. People love lists. Even if they don’t know it, they love lists.
  4. Instead of using words like “sponsorship” or “advertisement”, use words like “a present”, “friendly borrowing” and “collaboration”. This is a way more positive message.
  5. Don’t underestimate the power of avocado toast. If there is nothing to share, share your avocado toast.

6. Make sure that your blog has plenty photos of you. Because this is what your readers came for: you you you.

7. Make references on your blog to your Instagram posts, on your Instagram make references to your blog, and on your Snapchat to both. Facebook and Twitter too, if they still exist in your universe.

8. Share your latest 10 blog posts on Instastories. Maybe, people are so busy that they forgot about the existence of your blog. Do gently remind them.

9. Avoid negativity by deleting critical questions in your comment field.

10. Use a lot of catchy words like “fresh”, “hot”, “awesome” and “fantastic”. It has to be amaaaaazing, reading your blog.

11. Celebrate whenever you get 100 followers, 200 and 500. And share the number of your blog views, preferably weakly. Your readers care about your statistics just as much as you do, so don’t leave them without the chance to share your joy with you.

12. Make sure to create an intriguing title. Example: “10 Habits of Most Successful People”. Even if it would be followed by such mundane things like “they make sure to drink enough water” and “they sleep at least 7 hours every day”, the reader would already have clicked into the post, and be getting caught up by this useful information.

13. About the title. Make sure to use phrases like “This is what I have learnt from…”, “I stopped doing this and this is what happened”, “This is what I found when…”. People love the suspension.

14. If you are a new blogger, search for the blogs in your niche and subscribe to them all. You don’t have to read them all, but maybe, some of them would visit you and be glad to discover that you have already 3 posts and promising more. These can be your future followers!

15. It is good to interact, so go on and leave some comments on other blogs. It can be as easy as “Awesome post”. Don’t forget then to inform that you also have a blog and kindly invite the person to visit your blog. Maybe, they will get so blushed by your compliment and not be able to find the way to get back to you. Help them to stay in touch by leaving the link to your blog on every comment.

16. And, the most important and unique one, – just be yourself. Because you know how to do it, what exactly to do and how effective that can be.


If you have more tips like these, do let me know – I would love to make this list longer 🙂


Happy blogging! Have fun!

32 thoughts on “10 Most Awesome Tips for Blogging

  1. Is this some test to see if you gain views and followers with this post? 😀 I’ve read this because I don’t read “popular blogs” so I wouldn’t know how it’s done. And your forgot your avocado toast photo!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • It was intended as fun, but it turned out I got some fast anonymous likes, so maybe it is also a test 😆 hope the most adequate people would not think “yacks” 🤢 and rush by 😆
      I just didn’t want to do a complaining about bloggers post. But I wonder if some would take it seriously.
      Damn, spot on, I have no avocado toast pics! So unprofessional 😆

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Uuummmm now I’m wondering… did all these 10 tips work for this post? Hehehe, fun post indeed, Marina. I think I don’t follow almost any of these famous blog-tips, insta-tips, facebook-tips and all the tip-lists…Maybe that’s why I’m not yet a famous photographer, hahaha Next Monday, I’ll start my post with a “hello cuties”, followed by a photo of an avocado toast (is it ok if it has smoked salmon? I only eat avocado toasts with salmon…). Then, as you advice, I’ll be on the right path of success!! 😛 😛 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for honesty, darling! Now you know in which direction to work, haha.
      I was a bit annoyed by typical blogging styles and advices that I decided to express it in this manner. Now I sit and wonder if somebody took it seriously… 🙂
      Go girl! Avocado plus salmon, plus hello cuties. That sounds like half success to me already! :))

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  3. Hahahaha I had to check out this post after your The Irony of Being Ironic one, it made me laugh for sure, it’s actually a really good punch to those who took it seriously 😀 I think we all just learn to ignore those bloggers pretty quickly, but thanks for expressing what we are all thinking in such a funny and not grumpy way!
    Oh and I’m not so sure French aren’t neurotic, though, they do seem that way to me sometimes hehehe

    Liked by 1 person

    • Merci, ma cheri! My impressions of French are done by my fellow French bloggers here. Surely, living so close to them makes you see more of their imperfections))
      I wonder how this blogging business has become so serious that some became a bit idiotic on its wave. Well well, people do what people do. The best is when I can laugh at it instead of crying 😆

      Liked by 1 person

      • I do admit they are cute even they’re grumpy, I think it’s the language 😃 except the upright ones hehe
        Yeah all you can do is laugh and do your own blog thing no matter the business 🙂

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