The Irony of Being Ironic

Have you ever had an issue when you are ironic but people take your words seriously? I am afraid, I just got myself one :))

I wrote this post, intending this to be my ironic take on popular blogging styles and advices. It happened after I read a Norwegian forum about one famous blogger, and I realized that I had enough annoyance built up in me. As in adult being annoyed by the tone of many blogs that sound childish to me – and the lists of tips given about how to make a good blog, repeatedly and boringly saying the same things. My concern was that the adequate readers will pass it by rising their eyebrows: “Is she doing this too now?” – without reading it. However…

However, it turned out that the post got quite popular. At least it got views and anonymous likes, more than I expected. Which made me wonder… Were these people attracted to its “catchy” title and did they take my “tips” seriously? Or is it this social media desease “like without reading”? Did the people get the irony of everything I said? Or was it better to include in the title “Irony Pre-alert” in capital letters? :))

The irony of rules in Rome

A fellow blogger Manja asked me in the comments if it was kind of experiment to check how many views this post can get. Honestly, no. It was meant to express my grumbling in a more fun way. In Russian we call this genre a “bad advice”. Like instead of being moralistic and say “Don’t do this (if you want to lose your weight or keep your partner)”, you go and say: “If you want to go up in weight (or lose your partner) this is what you have to do”. And everyone understands that it is ironic and meant as humor.

Here we have a problem of intercultural communication, maybe. That famous “bad advice” may not be recognizable. Or, maybe, irony translates badly over the internet, without the cultural context and the body language (and even worse – without the memes!). But I felt like suddenly this has become some kind of an experiment. And, honestly, I got a bit unruly. Did the people get what I meant? Or will they think “Oh, great idea!” and go on doing what I was making fun of? Do the readers need to be warned of irony coming up?

What I really wanted to say is that I got tired by blogging style that treats readers like puppies or babies. That the are called “cuties”. That they are considered so naive and stupid that you can push any lie/product down that line, ignore their good critical questions, remind them constantly of your activity at every corner like they are not aware of how to find you when they want it. Then also the new bloggers are advised to treat their readers like idiots, constantly reminding them of the blogger in question. And also fellow bloggers can be considered idiots, since it is necessary to leave the likes (without viewing the post) and comments with invitations to visit your blog, like they cannot find it on their own, and would not mind such intrusion.

Maybe, next time I will go and grumble in old classical style – without creative twists 🙂 I will try though to make it more classy, as I find the French especially being good at it: to grumble without bitterness and complain without being neurotic. I even considered starting a club with a fellow French blogger under the line “Grumble, but happy and not neurotic” :)) But so far this is all I’ve got. So far so good :))

If you have any anecdotes about you being ironic – I would love reading them. What a relief to learn that you are not alone with your comic situation! 🙂


14 thoughts on “The Irony of Being Ironic

  1. My dear Grumbly partner!
    I was thinking… Do you want me to copy and paste your ironic post on my blog (mentionning its origin at the end) and see what happens? I wouldn’t be surprised if the traffic tripled and the anonymous “likes” lined up!

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  2. Hehheh. I earned another mention! Must be doing something right. 😉 I read that post only because it was yours. No way in hell I’d read a post called 10 ways of how to blog (or something similar) if it was just by some unknown person. I didn’t leave my like though. 😀 The line between mocking/irony and just another blogging list was thin so I’m not surprised that you got many blank likes. 😉

    This blogging situation is interesting. There are people whom I respect who are not about quantity but about quality and content, and then there are those who are only about promotion and grabbing. When you open a new blog, it’s clear pretty soon which one it is.

    In this post I love the most your photo. It’s yours, right? It’s exceptional! I took a similar one once, but different. Have a look:

    I say let’s each do it just how we want to. Just don’t tell me to follow you! (Not you but you know.)


  3. Jewish people are also good at complaining while being happy, although I’m not sure we succeed on not being neurotic hahaha.
    Also, did people really not realize that article was sarcastic? I mean, the title says 10 tips but then there are 16. Like, pretty dead giveaway. But as you said, people definitely just see a title then don’t actually read anything.

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    • Really? Good news! I have too little Jewish blood in me to know it, and no Jewish culture. All judging by the movies and they seem pretty neurotic to me. Though still happy too 😆
      I hope with all my heart that the irony was well transferred, but like you say I fear people just know what I am talking about- without even reading it 😆


  4. I remember that post! If people actually read through the end they’d figure that you were being sarcastic hehe. I suspect people just press like (to get a like back?) without actually reading anything! For me, the worst types are those who spam with the same message in about 100 blogs by saying something generic “Wow I am glad I found your blog. Fantastic content. Find my blog at ..”, you think they are being genuine until you find out that they spammed other bloggers’ About pages too, with the same message.. ugh.

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    • True! If people even read through the beginning, they would get it pretty fast too, if they are not super slow :)) But who cares about reading these days? Are blogs for reading? Are you kidding me??? :)))
      I don’t know what these people hope for. Maybe, they have done some “how to monetize your blog” seminar, and now cast themselves eagerly into every strategy. But, dude, there are like hundreds like you, leaving such comments. Do they think people still buy it? Or they will follow for follow? Many funny questions arise in my head, when I think of those bloggers leaving such comments.

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