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How beautiful can a grey day be! Now, I have never been a fan of grey days. I guess, it is because I got too many of them in Norway. But after so many sunny days in the Mediterranean this winter the cloudy skies feel like a pleasant change. I love Barcelona on a sunny day, on a grey day, and on a rainy day I love it too. Especially on a spring rainy day, when everything starts to smell intensely of young green leaves and fresh earth.

And since green is on my mind today, I wanted to share some photos of my green friends at home. I always dreamt of a pot garden while living in Oslo. The weather conditions there were tough, and the green balcony was only a summer thing. Here it can be done throughout the year, but I am still slow (or lazy). Still happy that I got these plants, and planning to expand my little garden in the middle of the big city.

Enjoy Life

Here many things are still in process. A plant starts in one place, then is moved to another, and in the end may end up on the balcony.

I remember when we first bought those first plants and put them on the floor, suddenly our place started to feel like home. It was so great! No more were we in some foreign space that had to be filled with furniture and things. Suddenly it felt like our own place. I have never felt such magic of one simple plant. And it is said, they have many magical qualities :))

I don’t have green fingers, so I usually go for plants that are not demanding much care, like cactuses and succulents. Cactuses feel very friendly because they tolerate much (neglecting) and still look optimistic with all those spikes in the air. Other plants are behaving differently, and I am still to find out which are better suited for inside, which for outside, which would thrive in the climate of this city.

So if you have any fellow gardener tips, I would be appreciate your ideas 🙂

Happy weekend!

And may you enjoy life!

12 thoughts on “Home: The Urban Garden

  1. The shelf you have for your plants – what a great idea! I don’t have any plants indoors except one orchid because somehow I manage to always neglect them. The green would bring a more homey feel though but there aren’t really any spaces to put the flower pots if you don’t count the floor. I would love a house with a wide windowsill which I would adorn with plants!

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    • Thank you for stopping by and leaving your warm feedback! That shelf was a great find, though it is still not covered with garden as I imagined))
      Maybe, you find something plants that thrive in the shadow and don’t need that new space)) my best plant was in Oslo, it survived years of low bad light and little water and was always so lively, sometimes more than me 😆


  2. Everything. In the Mediterranean climate everything grows, if you water it enough, that is. But you go away for a few days in the summer, come back, and everything is dead. :p Feeling lazy already, hm? 😉 That’s the climate too… Much luck with beating that!

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    • So cactuses may be the best option, for such summers)) I note that some plants on my balcony get strange color and I wonder if it due to the pollution. And inside the houses here it is pretty humid, so I had to do a research about plants that can dry the air and not make it into jungle microclimate))

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  3. I love plants! I know what you mean, they have that magical effect. You put a plant at an apartment and immediately it feels more welcoming, warmer, alive… more like a proper home! I remember that in Sweden I could only plant bulbs… I had a tiny garden and the only flowers that survived the harsh Swedish winter where snowdrops, crocuses, narcisus, tulips… very colorful but only last a few days…
    In Ireland it was a bit easier… the weather was soo humid that I had hardly to water the plants! Specially the ones in the balcony, the rain did all the hard work (except when I went on summer holidays… those days it never rained and I always came back and found my plants almost dry, but they still survived somehow…). In Switzerland it’s a bit of everything, so I have to keep an eye on them, but I like the challenge….
    I’m sure yours will grow beautifully in Spain!! They already look beautiful (I love the bookshelf with the plants!! I wouldn’t add a lot of things there, it already looks amazing!!) The weather in Barcelona is less dry than in Madrid, and probably a little less hot too. Good luck!!

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    • Yes, that’s it. The plants create life in a space. Amazing.
      Ahh, poor bulbs in Sweden… I had some green plants that lasted eternity in Oslo, but my cactus got bad. I mean, if cactus gets bad, what can I do?))

      Barcelona is way more humid, and I want to escape planting a tropical garden inside, bc I don’t want to add humidity to our flat. I was not in Madrid yet, cannot compare the heat, but hope it is less hot. But more humid, so less hot still feels pretty hot)))


  4. Your interiors look so neat and pleasing to the eyes! The plants look adorable too – especially how you’re put them in those baby pink pots! I’ve been in love with that color since last year now hehe. I’ve started to grow interest in plants since last year too, currently I have a nice collection of cactus and some succulents, some herbs in the kitchen but sadly my coriander has died, and orchid and some other plants in bedroom. I was also gifted a big green leafy one (I don’t know its name, embarrassing..) that I’ve put in the living room. Green plants do give a different look and feel to the apartment.

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    • Thank you, Pooja! The pink pots are now available in Ikea! 2 of them come from Ikea actually, but the transparent pink one is not a pot, but a candle holder. I just liked it more with cactus inside :))
      And my dream is to have a little herb garden in the kitchen, but it’s too tiny. maybe, on the balcony. And pick my own fresh herbs for cooking… Mmm, mamma mia! :))

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  5. I love this!! I feel like my house also became more of a home when we started adding plants! It’s almost like the plants become part of the family 💕 thanks for sharing!

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