5 Things I Light

I used to have this regular post on my blog – about 5 things I like. It comes especially handy when I don’t know what to write about. I go through my latest photos and choose the images I like. And this time I noticed that those five were actually united by one theme – it was all about light. Hence 5 things I light.

Ok, they are not actually five. As you may know, I am not fabulous with numbers. Last time I wanted to share 10 Most Amazing Tips for Blogging, they turned out to be not 10 but 16. And not amazing but mediocre. And not tips but “bad advice” :)) So well, you have to take this with a pinch of salt, as we say it in Norwegian.

And the first thing I like would be something that rimes with it. A bike. I could not hold myself back from this primitive poetry :)) Because the poetry is what makes this life worth living, even such a basic one 🙂

somewhere in Gava

What I especially like about this one is the sign saying “Public space of citizen expression”. This is what the citizens have expressed so far. And the light and shadows, of course.

I like how much of sunshine gets into our windows, and how it plays with the blinds, especially in the late afternoon hours.

Norway in the distance

I like to si in the front seat and catch the rays of sunset in the window. And I like how the sun colors the blue side of the car. Turning it gold. Making this moment gold.

somewhere sunset

I like to look against the sunset and see the figures like cut out of the black paper. And the silhouettes of the grass and the palms like the drawing in the shadow theatre where the sun is the lamp.

it could be California dreaming

I like these stone chairs by the Barcelona beach and how on the first truly warm days people would recline there. And to imagine this is summer. And I like those long shadows on the pavement. Maybe, even more than the people in the chairs.

leaning back

I loved how thick the hot chocolate was in this cafe in Sitges 🙂 Also those turquoise walls and chairs, and how the light crashes with darkness in this spot. And how dreamy this spot seemed to me. Who was happy to sit in a little crowd cheering over tea and pastries. But stealing dreamy peeks towards that chair where I could imagine myself sitting alone, with my book, a neighbor to this cheerful crowd. A parallel world, in turquoise, light and shadow.

seat and sip

Thank you for taking this walk in light and shadow with me 🙂

I wish you a sunny weekend and a light heart.

And may you walk in beauty!

24 thoughts on “5 Things I Light

  1. Very nice walk through your photos. And the theme of light is one I understand and could relate to. Especially those late afternoon and twilight hours, are the best. The chairs are a good initiative at the Barcelona beach. I have not seen then before.

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  2. As always… The photos are well chosen and the words which accompany them make me want to be there too. Especially the cafe in Stiges!!

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  3. Well view these light and shadow games, Marina!! This post reminded me a bit of me, when I don’t carry the camera and I’m still looking for beautiful light every where I go!
    Have a great week and Easter holidays!! 🙂

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