What Inspires Me Right Now

April is a month of surprises. In Germany they used to say “April, April macht was er will” (April makes what he wants). Here in Barcelona they say “April – agues mil” which means “April – thousand of waters”. It hasn’t been a thousand yet, but I can confirm that after some three months of stable sunshine, April is suddenly surprising with many rains.

The weather has been weird the last weeks. I listen to Radio Hamburg and today they promised +21 and total sunshine. While here, in the South, it doesn’t go beyond +17 and the whole week is filled with windy forecasts. I guess, we all need to go to the Northern Germany right now 🙂 Even more ironic for those tourists who came here for the Easter week and discover that the weather is better in their Northern parts back home :))

However, I find this weather quite enjoyable (not the windy part though). When it rained everyday on the Norwegian West coast, it was very frustrating. But when the rain breaks up those weeks of sunshine, I don’t mind 🙂 I welcome the change and get back to those cozy activities I learnt back in Norway. I here I want to share some things that inspire me right now on a rainy day.

pastels of the spring

img_4021Music Inspiration. My favorite playlist on Spotify these days is Lo-Fi Beats. If you go to “Browse” and choose “Genres and Moods” and from there choose “Chill” – you arrive at my favorite destination. The list of chillout playlists. And one of them, Lo-fi Beats, has become my favorite this spring.

It strongly reminds me of the soundtrack for the French movie “Paris” made in 2008. I used to listen to that soundtrack on repeat. And this playlist carries me back to my French dreams and makes me feel like a girl in Paris. Even better that the first song is called “Rain in Paris” – such a perfect match for a rainy day in Barcelona :))


Blogger inspiration. I felt a need for more French vibes this spring and went back to Instagram to view the profile of this IT-girl – Jeanne Damas. I know, that recently the effortless chic has been captured by Scandinavian girls – but I am still a fan of French variant of it. Why? Because it is more sunny, feminine, and still it is relaxed and easy.

I got so fond of her photos that I just had to do a couple of screenshots so that I can keep the looks that inspire me.

Fashion inspiration. Following the blogger inspiration, I clicked into the brand which Jeanne Damas is a creator of – Rouje. I immediately fell in love with printed dresses and especially these cardigans, that look so springish, a bit nostalgic and super sweet. And this image of a girl in lavender with a pink wall carries me away to the dreams of Provence and its magic light. It is truly an artistic photo, don’t you agree? Renoir would be proud of it :))

Cozy inspiration. Some would complain that a rainy day is the bad weather. But I love coming home, making a cup of ginger tea and feeling so cozy with a book, a blog or a magazine. Remember that in Norwegian there is an active verb coming from “cozy”? It is “å kose seg” which means to enjoy oneself, and it a Norwegian version of hygge.

So, coziness is not just what happens to us, it is what we actively make. Scandinavians are particularly good at it. While the rest of the world may go around complaining, a Scandinavian would pull on a warm cardigan and woolen socks, make a cup of tea, find something favorite to read, to watch or to do – and enjoy himself under the sound of rain or wind outside his window.

Hobby inspiration. Maybe, it is rain, or it is the Southern air, but I got an interest for drawing again. And since I didn’t do for ages, I felt a necessity to start from scratch. I particularly got interested in drawing plant motives, there must be a secret botanical nerd in me :)) So I went to Pinterest and found many drawing ideas like this one.

It is so relaxing to sit there, drawing after the pattern, sipping tea. When everything else disappears. Truly a mindfulness practice 🙂

If you have something that inspires you right now, please share! Let’s make this world a more inspired place :))

Enjoy your Easter holidays!

And may you walk in beauty!

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