Barcelona Beats

Today I continued exploring my French obsession :)) Even better, Facebook friendly suggested me another French online store – Sézane. It reminded me instantly of Rouje about which I wrote so fondly before. Maybe, Jeanne Damas was also inspired by it when creating her own brand Rouje.

What makes me happy is that I get more Southern fashion input now. I was namely a bit afraid that the Scandinavian style has made me into an eternal lover of gray color and minimalistic jewelry :)) Another thing that made me happy was this little video on their Instagram – about Barcelona (btw, they are cheating, because I can see the oranges in the trees. And oranges mean it is winter :)). All that brought me back to my dreaming times.

When I used to read the books about French art de vivre and about the French style – to inspire myself in the cold and boring autumn months back in Norway. When I used to stand in the warm shower, on some dark January morning, before work, and imagine myself on the sunny streets of Barcelona wearing a long summer dress. And when I used to put on some sunny music or Barcelona songs on a rainy summer day in Oslo.

So I decided to share this list with you. Who knows, maybe, there are fellow dreamers out there who need this gentle reminder. That sometimes it happens that dreams come true. And sometimes in much brighter colors that I imagined.

Here is my list!

George Ezra – Barcelona

Madcon, Paperboys – Barcelona

Ed Sheeran – Barcelona

Giulia Y Los Tellarini – Barcelona

Felix Jaehn – Ain’t Nobody (Loves me better)

The last song because its video was filmed in Barcelona. And this video I would also watch several times a month, especially during the darkest days of December. Because in December there would be many free days for the Spanish workers, and my dear man would travel to Barcelona, and I would stay in Oslo, working, freezing and dreaming.

Some other things that put me in the sunny dreaming modus:

to eat an orange

to listen to Brazilian bossa nova

to go through my old summer photos

to browse summer dresses online

to danse samba (or salsa) in the living room

Do you have your recipes for a sunny mood? I would love to collect some of them!

4 thoughts on “Barcelona Beats

  1. Thank you for the link to “Giulia Y Los Tellarini”. I was actually looking for music to accompany some of our entertainment on board while we sail to Santander in Spain and that is just perfect!
    I love Sézanne too. A bit too expensive for me unfortunately… One of their bags for last winter’s collection had caught my eyes…
    And thank you for these few words “Who knows, maybe, there are fellow dreamers out there who need this gentle reminder. That sometimes it happens that dreams come true. And sometimes in much brighter colors that I imagined”… A very happy thought indeed.

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    • Merci, Vero, for those kind words! ❤️
      That song is from soundtrack to “Vicky Christina Barcelona”. All of it would be good to accompany you on that journey)) Enjoy Santander!
      I agree on the price of Sezanne, a bit expensive for me too. Like Rouje too. 150 € for a dress – not my take. Luckily, the fashion world got inspired by their motives and I find more pieces in their style. Fashion to the people! 😆
      Today I discovered La Redoute that also ships to Spain. You know them right? And they seem to do the same easy French style. For lower price! Jippi! Vive la France!

      To all us dreamers! Cheers!


      • I love La Redoute. In my childhood there were 2 La Redoute catalogs per year. I was so impatient to get the new one and put crossed on all the items I loved which I may order later…

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