Where the Spanish Dreams Come True

The last weekend saw us flying to Seville for the bachelorette party of my dear friend. Most of them came from Oslo, some flew in from Amsterdam and Brusseles, and the two of us came as the last ones from Barcelona. While we were sitting on a late night plane, the crowd was already partying and bonding with another bachelor party from England. My friend said that they were cute and funny, but their minds got blown when asking “So where are you guys coming from?” She says, they were lost in the second phrase already.

“So, they are from Belarus and we are from Ukraine, she is from Venezuela, and he is Columbian. But we live in Norway. And he lives in Amsterdam. While she lives in Belgium. But the wedding is gonna be in Italy because the groom is Italian”. Are you still with me? :)) And then they asked the bachelor party: “What about you?” – “Well, we all are from UK, the bride is British, and the wedding will be in Britain”.

We arrived later from Barcelona. Otherwise we could also add to the mess: “We are Ukrainians, one lived in Netherlands, one lived in Norway, but now we are living in Barcelona”. And this is when I realized that this my normal life and this is my tribe. The international crowd who lived here and there, and then they moved – and possibly they still don’t settle. Maybe, you will find them in new places soon. And this is totally normal in my world.

But I wanted to write this post sharing my love for Seville, actually. This is why I started it. I didn’t take photos this time – and I even didn’t intend it in the heat of the weekend. But I went through my old images of Seville and found some pretty things.

Last time I was in Seville it was December. The city was shining in Christmas lights. But I’d say now, the best season to visit is spring. The parks and avenues are full of blooms and blossoming trees, covering the sights in the pink and lilac clouds. One friend exclaimed: “I cannot remember I was in such a beautiful city recently”. I noticed that another one said: “I cannot remember last time I was partying until 6am” – and I concluded: “It is either so, or we have the cases of early Alzheimer here”.

“Quien no ha visto Sevilla, no ha visto maravilla”, they say here in Spain. Which means “Who has not seen Seville, has not seen the wonder”. And it is so true. Seville is a wonder. In Andalusia they say that they live on the street. They meet on the street, they eat on the street, they celebrate on the street. And this is all what you need. To browse the streets. The narrow streets of Barrio Santa Cruz or the pretty avenidas. To watch all the fancy dressed people around the cathedral, to stop for tapas on some restaurant terrace on a corner where everyone will be passing by. To go around and feel the vibrancy of life.

I have a particular love for Andalusia. This is where I started to discover Spain. This is where I felt at home in the most unknown places. I even used to think I was Andalusian in my past life when I was into the theories of past life. Now I am not – but I still feel so at home on those streets and listening to the sound of flamenco. While I was some 13-year old kid, I felt love for Spain – and that was my dreamy image of senoritas with flowers in their hair, of the Spanish guitar, of the dark-eyed strangers.

Now I have discovered that Spain is a great mix, everything from the heredity of Arabs in the South to the mystic roots of Basque language in the North. And there is more than flamenco and paella to this country. But Andalusia still captures that dream of younger me – the floating polka dot dresses, the fans, the dark-eyed strangers. And this is maybe why I love it so much.

There are some more stories from Seville – but for now enough words. Enjoy the views!

Do you you have a destination where your dreams came true?

And may you walk in beauty!

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