What Inspires Me Right Now

I like to write posts with this title. Hopefully, this habit will stick πŸ™‚

So now it is officially spring, full of new life and new ideas. In this city I especially feel its vibrant beat. I hope, you feel more inspired too this season.

These are the things that inspire me right now and give me boosts of happiness.

  • to hang out in the bookstores, checking through books (mostly in Spanish and Catalan here), looking for nice pictures. I always have a look at children’s books as they seem to have the best illustrations ever. Here in the stores there is always a good section on creativity – and just looking through some books wakes up an artist inside of me :))
  • to read a paper book. There is some sense of peace in it. And single-mindness. I used to read more on Kindle, but it still feels a bit distracting, with all those other books on it. And paper beats electronic, true?Β My new book right now is the one you saw on the photo – “El Juego del Angel” by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I’ve read his “The Shadow of the Wind” in Russian, it was a bit too dramatic for me, but there is so much of Barcelona and its history in his novel! They even called him “Dickens of Barcelona”. That’s the main reason why I bought this book πŸ™‚ And also – to practice my Spanish (which is damn not so easy in this book!).
  • to draw my day. Have you heard about a book “Draw Your Day” by Samantha Dion Baker? (btw, you can check out her Instagram @sdionbakerdesign).Β It is such a great idea! Sometimes I feel like drawing but I don’t know what to draw. Now I know! I sit on my bed, in the light of the nightstand, listen to some music, think of my day, draw my coffee, outfit, or palm trees, and do some lettering. This is so calming! A great way to change the focus from the busy thoughts and enjoy a mindful moment. I recommend!
  • to write style notes. One of my favorite Youtube bloggers said this amazing phrase and I loved it: “Style is the search”. Yepp, now I know why I love browsing the stores without any special aim! :)) It is not about finding – it is about searching. And she also advised to take a notebook and start making style notes. First, I thought pfff, another idea of making lists… But then I thought: “uhmm, but I do already take notes and lists, so why not get them all in one place?” (yes, I am that nerdy). And then I saw this notebook in a bookstore, saying “Stay Wild” – and my style book was born :))
  • to do screen-free time in the evenings. It is recommended to stay away from the screens two hours before sleeping because the screen light prevents th production of hormone melatonin which is responsible for that sleepy feeling and for rejuvenation. So staying away from the screen is not only good for your good sleep but also for your beauty πŸ™‚ I had difficulty falling asleep so I decided to be really strict about it and to cut on the screen time precisely 2 hours before bedtime.

I made a list of what I can do in this time – and it appears there are many useful and cozy activities I can do. To tidy up, to fix my clothes, to read a paper book, to draw, to do the wardrobe dates… Yes, the wardrobe can be a romantic affair πŸ™‚ You giggled before about it, but it is true! It helps to take time and go through clothes, try on various combinations, find out what works together and what not – instead of pulling on one favorite uniform in the morning rush. And then sigh that there are so many clothes – and still nothing to wear πŸ™‚

Share your love and your inspiration! What inspires you these days?

And may you walk in beauty!

10 thoughts on “What Inspires Me Right Now

  1. Thanks for giving me the inspiration to cut down on my screen time at night. I keep telling myself I’m going to read a book instead – something I had been really good about until about two months ago. And the “Draw Your Day” sounds pretty cool. I may have to give that a try.

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