Small Things: Pastel Boxes

Once I read this: “May you walk in beauty” is the blessing of Navaho Indians. I ripped the page with this article from the magazine, put into my vision journal – and left it in Oslo. So I don’t remember anything except this phrase, no explanation, no thought elaboration 🙂 But I simply love it. It is a good blessing. I like to sign my posts with it.

And then I thought that when I hear this phrase I usually think of great things like natural wonders or man-made creations. But this doesn’t need to be something great and faraway exotic. In fact, it can be something small and near, like the things that surround me every day. So I opened my eyes and looked for the beauty all around me. Everything that I like.

Here on the blog I try to follow the philosophy of small steps and small things. And I want to add to it by capturing the small things that give me joy. So here is one of them.

My little secret love – the boxes. Especially in the pastel colors or in the retro style, or best both. Brought from my trips or bought in the local store.

This violet box saying “Leone” I bought some eight years ago while visiting my friend in Italy. I found it in the local supermarket, filled with mints or some sweets. How is it possible to sell such a mundane thing in such a pretty box? So I bought two of them, one in yellow and one in violet, one for me and one for my friend. And then I never opened it. And I also took it with me every time when moving from place to place. I wonder if they still sell these pretty things in a supermarket (somewhere in Veneto). And I still wonder what is really inside of the box as it is still sealed 🙂

The box “La Savonnerie” was a soap box which I found in a store in Nimes, in Southern France. That was less random, because the store had all the kind of fancy things that were good for presents of souvenirs. Chocolates, olive oils, funny bottles. And the whole lavender and soap theme is a popular one in that part of France.

And this box with salty caramels I found in the store named HEMA, in Barcelona. It is a Dutch store, selling all kind of small things for party, home, office. Sometimes sweet and sometimes funny. And they sell the famous Dutch waffles there!

I just fell in love with the pastel colors and the drawing of the houses which reminds me of Copenhagen (but maybe this is Amsterdam). I thought it would fit into our home which already was splashed with pink and gold details (and no man protested so far :)). The salty caramels inside are the bonus 🙂

Goedemorgen, Sea Salt

If you have the special love in your heart for some small things, please share! Here or there or everywhere 🙂 I would love to know!

Have a lovely weekend!

And may you walk in beauty.

14 thoughts on “Small Things: Pastel Boxes

  1. I love these colorful boxes. I agree we should surround ourselves with the beautiful things we have. I am a sucker for Scandi ornaments and stationary. Beautifully crafted, made from natural elements and clean colour!

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  2. Leone is not familiar from around here, but I never buy candy. I bet that you could google it if you really wished to know. 🙂 But I think there was one HEMA shop in Vienna but I could be mistaken. We thought it was Turkish.

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