Coffee Talk: Emotional Carousel and Oslo Love

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that in the end my summer will be Scandinavian. After much back and forth, it looks that I will still join my husband who is working in Oslo this summer (first, the idea was that I go with him, next, that I stay in Barcelona, and in the end he got a bit emotional because two months apart is too long. Just to give a little idea of how our family works 😆).

I didn’t know what to feel. Happy to escape from the heat and noise of Bcn (and to hug my Oslo friends) or sad to leave the summer for the Norwegian weather unpredictability? But then I decided to look at the brighter side of things – took my journal and jotted down all the things I am looking forward to do in Oslo.

And the list got quite long and happy.

Here some of the points:

– to go for coffee to my favorite hipster place Supream Roastworks opened by the Norwegian barista champion. It was just around the corner from our old apartment and it gives me a lot of good memories of  sharing coffee with my friends (this photo is from there).

– to go dancing salsa (this is strange and funny but I ended up more eating and drinking and socializing than dancing in Barcelona, so Oslo looks like my own dance capital this year 😆)

– to sit at the waterfront of Aker Brygge and eat local ice-cream Kroneis

– to browse my favorite hipster stores like Mitt Lille Hjem and the streets of my dear hood Grunerløkka (though it is said to be a total chaos of reconstruction now)

– to walk along the river Akerselva

– to ride the blue city bikes

– to eat barbecue in the park and the sushi from my favorite place, Sunshine sushi by Sofienbergsparken

– to lie down on the grass of Frognerparken

– to walk the vacation-empty streets of Oslo

– to listen to the relaxed sound of Norwegian language

– to walk my favorite neighborhoods of Frogner, St. Hanshaugen, Rodeløkka…

I must admit, I got surprised to see how much place Oslo takes up in my heart. And I still add points to this list 😊

I realize that all those names and places that sound weird and unfamiliar to the most of people, are so precious to me. Because they have become a part of me and a part of my story.

I am getting already in the mode, half of my heart here in Barcelona, and half of it there as my husband had already landed in Oslo. I am listening to this song about Oslo, and the singer is Jo Nesbø, the internationally famous author of criminal novels (did you know that he has been singing in the band for quite a long time? The band’s name is Di Derre. And the song I am talking about is “Oslo by”, meaning Oslo city. Just in case you would want to check it out).

The song starts about driving to Oslo from the North and there are these words:

“Soon it arises, what we call home

And what others call Oslo”

At this I got a pang in my heart, tears in my eyes and went to hide in the kitchen. You see, our home can be quite emotional at times, and it was just enough then. I just wondered what it was… I would never think that I would cry for Oslo.

So, if we were having coffee, I would tell you that humans are so strange. We tend to give so much value to things we loose, but while we have those things we are not so full of love and appreciation. We tend to overestimate the happiness (or misery) an event may bring us. But when it is there, we feel something else.

And if we were having coffee, and you would ask: “So why not choose one place and stay there?”, I would answer that I prefer to live between two places than staying in one. I prefer this emotional carousel at times, crying, looking forward to, missing, loving. Because this is love. And this is life. Life is feeling. Feeling life.

May your days be full of life!

18 thoughts on “Coffee Talk: Emotional Carousel and Oslo Love

  1. Oh I so get what you mean. You want and enjoy the good things each city has for you. Btw, those places don’t seem strange at all for me. I have done some of them too! And in Oslo. Only that I would add a few more places in Oslo as well. And being emotional is sometimes good, Marina. Letting it all out, rather than bottling it up inside. Have a wonderful time in Oslo.

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    • Thank you, dear! And why don’t you add some of your places and things to do? I am curious already 😊
      Yepp, it’s good to let the emotions flow. I guess, I became too Norwegian sometimes, feeling strange about all this up and down. That constitutes life 🙂


      • Frognerseteren; Korketrekken; Feasting on Freja Chocolate; Following the Harry Hole Walking Trail; visiting the Munch Museum and having a hot chocolate and tea at the Grand cafe; Having a polse from the Seven Eleven at Central station; And of course, roaming around Bygdøy Museum, take a day trip to the fortress in Fredrikstad, or to Stromstad, or Halden. Should I stop now? Oh and the Stortinget was closed when I was there, so I would add that, and I never went inside the city hall. So much to do.

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      • I like, I like 🙌🙌
        I love your list!
        Korketrekken isn’t it smth for vinter?
        Never being to the fortress of Fredrikstad, or the others. Oi oi.
        And not inside the Grand cafe either.
        Ooh, but I was inside of Stortinget. And the City Hall! It is so great. And for free. Maybe, I should visit it again. I got my citizenship ceremony there and got married too.
        And what is Harry Hole trail? Ashamed I don’t know it.
        And of course, pølse, is and freja chocolate is the national pride and treasure 😆


      • I think Korketrekken is more fun in winter but I assume the trail is still there is summer? Have you posted about the Stortinget? I was so disappointed not to see it. Closed on the day I went to go. Harry Hole trail is the character in the Jo Nesbø series of mystery novels, a detective who lives in Oslo. There are lots of sites mentioned in the books. Probs only relevant to folks who have read the books. Definitely go to the Grand Cafe. A beautiful experience.

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      • Hmm, never heard of summer activities around Korketrekken, but I will check it now.
        I went to Stortinget 10 years ago on a Museum Night (when they all are free). Now pics from that time and no post 😐
        I haven’t read anything of Jo Nesbø, but I love his songs! (More happy :)) then I have my own trail – of stories and memories 🙂


  2. I think you’re lucky to have the chance to enjoy Barcelona but still experience the best of Oslo, including your friends there. Enjoy every minute, and don’t worry–all will fall into place.

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    • Thank you, Angela! That’s my project: Scandi-Spanish fusion and I have an ambition to combine the best of two worlds. We’ll see what I make of it 😊 And in everything it is so important to find that positive focus. At least, it is an exciting challenge and I like it))
      Wishing you a pleasant summer!

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  3. Lovely! For some unknown reason I didn’t come to your blog for a while. It was fully unintentional. But now I shall catch up, slowly but surely. I also tracked down this song and it’s great, the video too. You described it well, the feeling that got over you. The life between, yes, that’s what we’ve got. I hope summer and indeed autumn have been good for you.

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    • Merci, Manja! Good to see you. I have a job to catch up myself too 🙂 For some unknown reason I have fallen totally off the wagon – but maybe, it is due to this life between :))
      You are the one who knows this life from inside 😉
      Summer and autumn have been really good, and here in Bcn now it is still a very summery autumn which is such a joy after a wintery autumn of Oslo :)) Hope, you are enjoying these autumn days too!

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