Wrapping Up This Season 

There is a season for each thing, is said somewhere in the Bible. As I stand some days before leaving for Norway, I feel that the seasons are changing. And not only because I go from an African heat wave hitting Barcelona to a weird Nordic summer of +17 and rain, but also because I feel that the story is changing. I am turning some invisible pages right now.

Only now I feel like enjoying Barcelona at my most. I even want to share some photos of it – but when I searched my gallery on the phone, I found only photos of furniture, its prices and flower pots. I remember when after my first months here my friend asked me: “And when are you going to write a post about your favorite places and cafes in Barcelona?” Not that I was not eating outside. But I was like: “Dude, what do you imagine my life to be? Sipping coffee on the terraces all the time? I can write a post with the review of furniture stores though. If that would interest someone 😆”

It seems I also had some expectations for myself. I thought, I would move and start taking photos and filling my blog with lovely Barcelona. I thought, I would enjoy it more. And while I was enjoying it, I also found myself so tired of this newness and this intensity every day, that when my hubby would turn on the TV in the evenings, I would ask him to tone it down. Because I could not hear that foreign language anymore! Even though our TV in Oslo was only talking Spanish and Catalan 😉 But here it was just too much.

Maybe, we also expected too much of ourselves. But now I see that this was the season for settling down in so many aspects. We had to fix the bureaucratic issues, to fix our home which had only a table (no chairs) and a single bed (I was sleeping on the floor). I had to learn more of the language, to get my own friends, to find a job, to land in my routines like sports and self-care.
That time reminds me of diving so deep that you don’t know which way to swim for exit. Or like they say in Spanish, we were running like chickens without head.

Now I feel like my feet have found its ground. I got fluent in Spanish, I have my job and my colleagues with whom I can grab some drinks on Friday. I have my day structure, my gym, my friendships, though still new and not so deep – but I have them. I have my places and restaurants (though not one favorite cafe still :)) Now I am ready to share them, after so many months. And now I am going to Norway, haha.

I was talking to my man on the phone today, he is in Oslo already, and he said: “In the next season we will come stronger. We will have many changes still, but this time we will be more secure because we know this place and its culture”. Yes, it even took months for him to adapt to the culture which was once his own. After over 20 years in Norway he is more Norwegian than Catalan, maybe 😆

And I thought that it feels like advertising the new season of Game of Thrones :)) Yes, this is what we do. We wrap up this season. Going back to our Nordic roots. And then back in action. For the new season. Stay tuned 😆

But what I really want to say is: there is a season for every thing in life (even if it was already said in the Bible). And we’d better respect this. Respect the limitations of each season. Be aware that we cannot live up to all of the expectations from others and ourselves. We’d better proceed with grace and kindness.

I hope, you can enjoy this season of your life!

6 thoughts on “Wrapping Up This Season 

  1. We all have the abiltiy to adapt to our circumstances, but it is disruptive and some cope better than others. Sometimes people that are eager for new experiences suddenly find themselves unable to cope with a new location. It takes time, but this time, you have an edge. You know things, and people. That will help. You must feel like you are almost have two lives. A Norwegian one and a Spanish one?

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    • True, and it may depend on many reasons: personal strength and dream. And I have also noticed that those who have no way back (like my countrymen Ukrainians) tend to cope better than people who have a plan B. Sometimes it is better to go without plan B, then you make the plan A happen :))
      I feel that I have 2 lives, and it has been my favorite project: creating a fusion lifestyle. I am not 100% Ukrainian or Norwegian, my best tribe is the mix, so I never aimed for a single-country, single-place lifestyle. It is not easy. But it is more interesting. For me. We are all different and like different things.

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      • That is interesting, Marina. You make Plan A happen if you don’t have a Plan B. I always tell my kids to have a Plan B. Possibly because I feel better if I have a Plan B and think it is better for them to be prepared too. But in some instances, I can see it might be beneficial if one did have to make Plan A work. Then it is collapses suddenly, you can add a Plan on the “fly.” There is always a Plan B somewhere….and some way forward.

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      • I tend to be control freak, so I love having a plan B and C! 😆 Once I read this phrase in an interview: “if you have a plan B to fall to, you will fall”.
        I’d say, it all depends on situation and the context. I would not generalize here. What I learnt about emigration, and talked about this difference between an expat and an immigrant. Is that being an immigrant bears more desperation – and here is the strength to get through. While an expat with more freedom may choose to walk away and not fulfill the plan A. It is not lucky to be desperate, but sometimes I feel that it was a really a fuel in my goings.


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