5 Things – Summer Amore

I landed in Oslo physically a week ago – but it took me some time to land here emotionally and mentally. As I get used to my new surroundings, opening my eyes for their beauty, I still don’t feel for blogging about it.

Sometimes I wonder if I should be writing a book, not a blog :)) Because I have this literature attitude: you have first to live through, to work through, to digest and process – and only then to express in letters. To get the best out of it, not just taking everything on the page. This is a writers’ attitude, I have heard. To write about the past, once it is been processed, not about the present.

The blogger attitude, however, is to document the present, to capture what’s going on right now and share it. Sometimes I do it, sharing my emotion of the moment – but I prefer to wait. So even though I am in Oslo already, finding the pretty patterns in the new mix of life – I will go on with some posts about my life in Barcelona. Where it also took some time (a lot of time) to settle down and start seeing the pretty patterns.

Today is a simple little post about things I like. Five, as I usually count.

This is how summer feels in my home in Barcelona. With summer blouses thrown over my bed. With new magazines, full of bright and juicy pictures. Some of the pictures migrated already on my mood board, mixing with my jewelry.

Then there are memories from our trip to Italian wedding on Amalfi coast. The coast was full of lemons, so the wedding was full of this theme. I love taking the name cards home with me. There was a photographer taking the guests’ photos during the reception – and after the meal, before the wedding cake we found them glued inside of pretty cards. Lemony memories that we could take with us from that amazing evening. I miss sometimes the real, non-digital photos. So the few I have, I chose to tape on the wall. To see those happy faces every time I pass by to the kitchen.

I hope, you have a lovely summer and find the beautiful patterns in your everyday mix of things 🙂

And may you walk in beauty!

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