Oslo Summer To-Do List

While the summer happens (as it is not something given here in Scandinavia, but can only happen once in a while), there are always many things to do. We all rush to experience and enjoy.
Then this idea popped up in my mind: to write a list of things I like doing on a summer day. Maybe, when it suddenly happens, I am better prepared 🙂 Or just to express my love for Oslo in summer.
So here is a simple to-do list. This can be done another place too, of course.

  • to eat an ice cream. Every day there is a summer day, I allow myself to eat an ice cream. My favorites are these two: the best Italian gelato parlor in town: Paradis, and the humble Krone is, typical Norwegian, which can be bought in any kiosk or supermarket.


  • to go swimming, chilling and people watching on Sørenga, the new neighborhood behind the Opera, with the easy access to water
  • to admire flowers in the flower shops
  • to sneak into a koloni hage and get the atmosphere of Norwegian summer hygge
  • to take a boat to the islands
  • to grill in the park with friends
  • to enjoy a drink on the terrace
  • to ride a city bike or your Vespa

(you can click on any image to view it in full size)

The soundtrack to this can be a song «Bysommer» (City summer) by Lillebjørn Nilsen. He sings about how good the summer in the city can be while all the stressed people left for Mallorca and those who stayed have no more obligations than to water the flowers for the aunt.

The city summer in Oslo can be a real charm. It is the time for the fellesferie , the common holidays, when all people travel to some sunny places. And I find it a pity because Oslo is at its most charming in summer. I’d better spend the summer with shifting weather here and leave during the winter (maybe, they do both :)).
How is your place during summer? Do you fancy summer there – or is it better to leave for some really vacation location?

11 thoughts on “Oslo Summer To-Do List

  1. Oo I like that tree hammock! And your gelato…and your boat ride. Gelato I could do here inland. The water is a bit scarcer than it was in the Seattle area. But I love the smell of the Ponderosa pines here and walking to the library or sketching in the park, people watching. Today will be 91 F, not as hot as some parts of the US right now. So I like it. Thanks for the list!

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    • When the water is missing, go for the trees 😄 Maybe, you will finding your own hammock 🙂
      I must say, Norwegians know how to use a summer day to its fullest. Maybe, because they are few, these days, here. They have all kind of things: picnic attire, portable bbq, ropes to balance between the trees in a park… I am taking the summer for granted and am less creative – but I am learning 😆

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  2. Oh, summer in the north… It may not happens every year but when it does…. hehehe I love how different summer feels up there… It’s not that hot and it feels simpler than in Spain! People there enjoy better the small things and what nature has to offer. Scandinavian summer feels “easier”!
    You already know how things are in Spain… In summer, it’s so hot that you can only go to the beach/pool and be in the water or under the scorching sun… I think I prefer the more relaxed version of the north! 🙂 Or maybe the Swiss version, which implies almost the same except for the little islands (we have lakes, thought), lots of outdoor activities 🙂
    Enjoy your summer days in Oslo, Marina!!

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    • As we say here, “I love Norwegian summer. It is my favorite day of the year” 😆 so it really happens, but doesn’t always last long. This time it looks like it will be almost a week though))
      About Spanish summer – I have heard someone comparing it to the Northern winter. The time when you cannot really do much. So I guess, the best would be to combine: Spanish winter and Norwegian summer. Yes, please!
      Enjoy your Swiss version, Mercedes!


  3. Oh it sounds so relaxing! I was in Oslo for one day in summer, which was actually a pretty chilly and rainy day. I took the boat to one of the islands and really enjoyed it 🙂 So I can imagine how pretty it is when it’s sunny and warm. I love all the photos. I’ve also wondered why people leave during summer (the best time in Poland too, in my opinion 🙂 ) for vacation. I like leaving for vacation in all seasons except summer 🙂

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    • Looks like you had a luck to experience a real authentic Norwegian summer 😆 but sometimes it is not so bad. This week we were promised a heat wave, wiii!
      The only logical reason for leaving is the school holidays. Some people though leave the city, but the country. The lucky owners of cabins and summer houses. And there were years so full of rain that to travel out was the only way to see some summer sun, so it was kinda smart choice 🙈😆

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  4. Previously I always wanted to run away in summer to some southern country like Spain or Italy. But now I don’t want to leave Munich in July and August, it is a great place to be! We have a lot of sunny days as well, we have lakes and we have open air swimming pools. No need to head south for unbearable heat and crowded beaches. I’d better enjoy Spain in early June or Mid-End September and stay in Munich for the rest 🙂

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    • 100% my feeling! Spain in summer is just too much. There is not so much to do that sit in the pool or under the air conditioner.
      And now with all the heatwaves over Europe I find Oslo quite a pleasing place to spend my summer)). Given that I can catch more sunshine during the rest of the year in Spain))


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