What Inspires Me Right Now

This is my favorite theme for a post! What inspires me right now. Though I have a whirlwind of thoughts, caused by this transfer from Barcelona back to Oslo, I don’t really find the time and energy to write them all down in texts and posts. The photos however – they are always easy to share.

So let me speak from my heart through photos – and several words. Btw, what do you prefer in a blog post – pictures or words? (I used to be a word person)

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Pretending we are on the French Riviera

French touch. I have to admit I am a francophil. Loving all things French. This summer I am particularly in love with the French texts on the t-shirts. This one says “Spleen et ideal. Bodelaire” (we even have the poets’ quotes, wow). I bought two t-shirts and this skirt in the French online store LaRedoute.

I am also happy that this summer is all French-inspired, with the romantic ruffles, nostalgic polka dots, flower prints and feminine dresses. Everything what I love 🙂 It feels sometimes weird seeing Norwegian girls walk with these light dresses and espadrilles while the cold wind reminds us that we are quite long away from the Mediterranean. But I still love watching them. Isn’t it funny how Scandinavians romantisize the Mediterranean lifestyle, Italian pasta and olive oil, Spanish tapas, French summerly fashion? While people in the South get dreamy about all things Northern, like warm sweaters, minimalistic interiors, walks in the mountains, tents and termoses.

Reading. I love going to the library to read books and magazines there. I love that quiet solemn atmosphere. It reminds me of being a student and spending my days in the university reading halls.

Playing. I like finding the color coordinations. Like when I go shopping and suddenly my bag matches with everything that is hanging in the fitting room.

This season has the lavender color on trend, and I’ve decided to go on a color hunt for it. I like lavender and violet, it stands right after pink on my color favorites’ list. And seeing it everywhere in shops makes me happy.

Light seeking. Watching light playing with shadows on my table. Even more fun when you add some glass or bottle of perfume to it.

Processed with VSCOcam with q8 preset

Shopping. Well, I would not call it real shopping, it is more of a window shopping. Walking through the stores, checking out. And right now I am in love with shoes. While clothes feel somehow basic, the shoes can lift up the whole outfit, and so – elevate the mood.

This is all but sweet theory, as I am wearing the same sneakers almost everyday (the limits of one suitcase brought for two months) :)) But this summer the shoes have captured my fashion love and attention.

The august feels less summerly in Oslo. While the rest of Europe talks about the heat, we already pull out our autumn resources. The weather forecasts show weeks of rain ahead. So I hope to keep the summerly attitude through the rain – or, if not, I need to find some inspiration for a rainy day/week.

What inspires you right now?

Have a pleasant August and may you walk in beauty!

10 thoughts on “What Inspires Me Right Now

  1. I like browsing the library too, and lavender, though my closet is mostly pinks and turquoise. Those Bianco shoes remind me I have a pair just like them with an open toe…for Salsa – and a promise to myself come cooler weather – to join in the local dance place again for a spin or two. Thanks, Marina!

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    • Thanks to you, darling! 😘 Lavender will fit well between pinks and turquoise))
      And what do you mean “cooler weather”? Is it hot in your place? Here it feels like autumn already. Just a right time to do those spins))

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes! We’ve got heat – today 85F and last week there was a stretch over 100F !! I’m in eastern Washington state, which is a more desert-like climate. But four definite seasons which is very nice. The heat or the snow doesn’t last forever 🙂

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  2. Don’t we all love what we don’t have? I live in tropical climate in semi-arid region, so a trip to hills in Himalayas is something to look forward to. The temperature here reaches 45-46C in summers while in winters it dips to 3-4C. We have a variety of climate in one country so we have options of vacay right here but that’s not easy too.

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  3. Love the “light” photo…. did you take it in Oslo?? They have such an incredible light up there in the north! One of the things I miss most from there!!
    And don’t worry about the heat and rain…. after the heat waves, now it’s dark and rainy in Switzerland… And for once, I don’t mind! It’s been so hot in central Europe this summer that I find myself missing my sweaters sometimes, hehehe

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    • Yes, it is from Oslo. I love the local light too, but I miss it most of the year))
      Here it feels like autumn already, rains promised for weeks (but the sun pops up and breaks those promises :)).
      I have heard about the heat waves. Uff! Here we could have a bit more of it though. I remember a week or two of summer, the rest was weird. Or – no, just a regular Norwegian summer 😆

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