Italian Memories

What to do on a rainy weekend in Oslo? I feel a slight inclination to fall into an early autumn depression – but let’s find something more positive to do :)) Though the rain doesn’t promise to stop, and this weekend seems like a copy of the previous one. We live now in a quiet area, just outside of the city. Between fields, forests and fjords. Which is all lovely but… But I don’t have all those rain clothes needed to go walking in such weather.

So I sit inside, sip coffee and go through my photos from our short vacation in Italy. Where we went in June to visit the friends’ wedding on the Amalfi coast. It was the most beautiful wedding ever. So if you want to have something special for a wedding, I give you this advice for free :)) Amalfi coast.

The wedding was in a little fisher village Erchie, and we stayed in a neighbor village Cetara (pronounced Che-tara, oh how I love the sound of it! :)) It was just a couple km away, and looked like a short walk. Little did we now about the only road on Amalfi coast, on the cliff, with cars, scooters, buses and pedestrians all together on one narrow street… But that would make another story πŸ™‚

Cetara and the harbour

Cetara is a small village, but it has everything one may need. Couple of tiny “supermarkets”, some restaurants, a beach, a tower, a church. And a boat going to Amalfi and Salerno. Also a bus going to the same places, but on a boat you can see some spectacular views of the coast. While on a bus you can feel some spectacular emotions of driving on a narrow curvy road – you will never feel more alive than after that ride :))

My favorite thing from Cetara. When we ate a late brunch (around 1pm, after the wedding party) and asked for coffee – “capuccino por favore”. The waiter said: “No, solo caffe”. I love Italian strictness about food and beverages! πŸ™‚ No no, capuccino is a breakfast drink, and how dare you ask for it after 12pm! Yepp, I thought, the milk is over, the cow went home. “Bring us the caffe then”.

And I would recommend the place (“Pane e Coccos”) because the food was really good! Just don’t ask for capuccino after 12pm, not in a village, people! Have some respect!

(click on any image to see it full size)

Have you been to Amalfi coast? What are your favorites there?

Have a cozy weekend!

13 thoughts on “Italian Memories

  1. Well, these photos definitely can cheer anyone up during a dark rainy day!! I love the tones of the photos, they give a very nostalgic mood to the images!
    Uuummm I don’t understand the capuccino thing… And apparently is very important to the Italians!!! I have suffered them here in Zurich too, trying to have a decaf capuccino after lunch (which is like a double mortal sin or something like that, hahaha). They think it’s bad to drink milk after lunch but they have pannacotta for dessert… Doesn’t make sense!!
    So, did you move back to Oslo from Barcelona?? Or is it just for summer?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Decaf capuccino? Uuh ooh, girl, you are on the dangerous territory πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
      I got it explained to me by a Napolitan friend. Capuchino is basically only a breakfast drink. Bc what do they eat? Next to nothing, a cornetto and a cappuccino. So you have milk to fill you in. But later you EAT, so you don’t need cappuccino, just an espresso. And yes, you can 4 courses and a huge desert at night, is ok. But cappuccino? No no, it’s a sin πŸ˜†
      I am back for summer and a bit more (fixing some things).


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