5 Things of Oslo Summer

Summer moved on. There is a song with this name, by A-ha. They know what they are talking about, because these guys are from Norway 🙂

The last two weeks I have had this feeling. That summer moved on. In some places in Europe it is still full summer and beach weather on. While in Norway the august brings mixed feelings and mixed weather. Though it has been warmer than usually, without those freezing mornings when you feel like winter is coming :)) Still the autumn feeling is creeping in. The low grey skies, the numerous rainy days, girls in fluffy cozy sweaters…

While some are pondering if today is the last day of summer or not – we know for sure. That there is no way back. We call this time here “sen sommer/tidlig høst” (late summer, early autumn). Before the real autumn sets it and wipes away the sunny memories, I want to look back with gratitude to the leaving summer – and remember my favorite things which it gave to me :))

Thing #1. Sipping ginger and lemon tea on a rainy day and reading Interiør magazine. I missed it so much while in Barcelona! I love Scandinavian design and interior style. Anybody else sharing this love?

Thing #2. This place, just next to our place on Fornebu, a quiet suburby area just outside of Oslo. The name – The Codfasher Fish and Chips. The best fish and chips ever. Plus this view!

Thing #3. This sunny advertisement in the local shopping center Fornebu S. Wishing us all “god sommer” (good summer). At least there was enough warmth and light inside of this center, with some posh shops for clothing – and many with interior. It seems that Norwegians care even more about their homes than about their appearances :))

Thing #4. Going to Prindsens hage with friends. Prindsens hage is a cozy backyard filled with long benches perfect for taking a drink on a pretty day. There are also food trucks, a sandbox where kids can play together, and you can borrow the board games in the bar. Sometimes there is live music, sometimes – outside cinema. And always a cheerful atmosphere, as long as it doesn’t rain. If it rains, you can sit under the tent, but then it is not as cheerful :))

Thing #5. Packing a book and a water bottle and going to the local beach or the little bay. I dared swimming only twice this year. But when the water was cold, I would just enjoy lying there, listening to the sea sounds, unwinding, reading, forgetting time.

Hope, you have had a nice summer and, maybe, it is still with you :)) Hope, it will last long in the air or, at least, in your heart. Which memories are you packing and taking into later from this season?

Have a wonderful weekend!

And may you walk in beauty!


13 thoughts on “5 Things of Oslo Summer

  1. So what are you doing in Oslo? Why??? 🙂
    Here, it’s got an autumnal feel as well. The sun is low, even when it’s warm and midday. It looks like it’s getting sleepy and is planning hibernation.
    What memories am I packing? Hmm. Playground after playground with the boys.

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    • Oh, long story 😊😆 In short, I followed my man who came to work. And I worked too. And now he has more things to fix here, so it turned out to be a longer stay. But I hope to go back in October!

      Playgrounds in summer, ahh, that’s a good memory))
      Hope, the autumn will be mild and kind on you and us 😊

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    • Prindsens is a name, hage means “garden”. Prindsens garden it is. Though it was not a garden, but there are some greeens))
      This particular Sunday was a rainy one, photos taken just before it started again. This is very Norwegian kind of summer. See the people in jackets too)) And yes, it can rain a lot. And then it’s a cold rain.

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      • Ah! I get that, Marina.
        I guess the weather is typical of the European summer in the Northern part of Europe. Enjoy till it lasts.


  2. What a lovely picture you’ve painted. We can always feel autumn in the air at the end of August here in the US, or at least all of it that isn’t “down south.” However, September and October are my favorite months of the year!

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    • Hehe, “down south” has a totally different idea of seasons, maybe))
      Really? Lucky you, they are coming! I like September because it has my birthday. But October, especially in the North is uggh, getting darker and colder, and not really my favorite 🙈😊


  3. Exactly the same feeling over here in Brittany.
    But you always manage to see the bright side of things. Thumbs up for that!!

    Prindsens hage is very tempting indeed…

    Wishing you a bright September my friend.

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    • Merci, Veronique! I wish I could day “I manage” – but really I am just practicing 🙈 On some days it is easier. Today when the rainy cloud fell on us is tougher. I can be pretty complaining IRL, but this blog is for practicing my positive focus😆😆

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