Oslo Love: Reflections

A little post of love for Oslo, or as they do it on Instagram – hashtag oslove 🙂 On a sunny day which luckily falls on Sunday there are so many reasons to love Oslo. For example:

  • you get to see happy faces everywhere
  • people enjoying the last coffee or beer on the cafe terraces
  • lively atmosphere in the park Birkelunden with the flea market, and all around the streets of my hipster neighborhood
  • the wonderful light and shadows’ game on the facades and in the windows
  • guys playing basketball on the open field, with the Oslo skyline in the distance
  • hands holding take away coffee cups
  • every hipster taking their camera out for a walk

And I took mine and went on a short photo walk, high not on alcohol or caffeine – but on this pure joy of luckily catching sun on a careless Sunday afternoon. I did not intend to, but this time I collected reflections. They were just everywhere, popping up in the generous autumn sunshine. Come along with me!

(click on any photo view it full size in the gallery)

When was the last time when the sun made you so happy?

And may you walk in beauty!

11 thoughts on “Oslo Love: Reflections

  1. Love your reflections, Marina!! I think you created a different way to capture Oslo, and it’s beautiful and original!
    Ah, sunny days… I love them, except when I’m taking photos during the day, hehehe. In those moments I prefer dramatic skies, specially in summer when we go hiking 😛 Light is so harsh that landscapes don’t look that well in photos… And sunrises and sunsets are at imposible hours! Now I’m waiting for the autumn and winter light, there’s something beautiful and special about the soft light during the cold days!!

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    • Merci, Mercedes! This time it created itself, the best way to do something :))
      Hehe, all those photographer needs… Too much light, too little light… I feel that it is generally so little light here in the North, that whenever the sun shines, I just nevermind the rest! :)) I run out or sit on the balcony, forgetting about all my photographing ambitions, soaking it up. But yes, when I get enough of it in the South, I may wish for a different light. Like you say, the golden hour is not easy to catch :))


  2. I live in a sunny place. People get high when it rains. It is opposite to what you experience there but then we all crave for a change! isn’t it so, Marina?


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