What Inspires Me Right Now


September, my love. I didn’t think I would spend you in Oslo – once again. But here it happens. The autumn has happened and brought a slight melancholy with it. Or, maybe, it is not autumn itself, but the fact that I suddenly found myself in Oslo, and I miss Barcelona. The autumn has brought some days of sickness, and I spend these days browsing blogs and Instagram – to keep me warm on beauty and inspiration.

There is one thing I especially like about autumn: you get the feeling that the seasons change, that pages are turning. It brings this fresh feeling of newness, even though it is not as optimistic as the spring. But still somehow cozy and comforting. I tend to become less energetic and more poetic – but back to the point of this post. Here are things that inspire me this season!

#1. Autumn fashion and color palette. I have mentioned this before – I became a lover of the French brand Sèzane. I love their Instagram and its super French vibe. With all love and respect for Scandinavian style, at heart I will always stay an eager francophile :)) And this brand captures well those unspoken desires – for dark curly hair, for old books, for cafe tables in the sunlight… And the autumn collection on their webpage is a total feast of color combinations and style ideas.

#2. Light blue prettiness. It seems that the light blue color, sometimes a bit dusted, is on trend this autumn. And I wish him welcome! I love blue and all shades of blue, besides it flatters my gray blue eyes. These two blue sweaters below are also from the Sézane page (and I wonder if I have to order something soon, in order not to be a visual enthusiast only :)).

#3. Green home. The green plants and flowers make instantly any place into a home. Seeing these brings joy to my heart. But every time 🙂

#4. The Oslo art. First, I have seen these paintings in the cool interior store @Home, close to our place. I had to stop and ooh for a while. Oh, that would be such a great idea to have one of those in our Barcelona appartment! And later I saw another painting in an art gallery while rambling the streets of Grunerløkka. They are not cheap, those paintings. And I wonder: why cannot I learn to paint soon? So that I could capture my love for Oslo in the paint (and save some money :))

#5. Mediterranean jewelry. I used to follow this Russian blogger from Tel Aviv already 10 years ago, when all the cool kids were on Live Journal. In addition to her personal blog, she had also a jewelry blog, and brought the handmade jewelry from Israel to Russia, selling it on special events. Then many years have passed, and a year ago I suddenly remembered of her blog and looked up Instagram: does it exist yet? Yes, it exists, and now they have opened some stores in Russia and seem to have a busy business. Its name is Jerusalembazar, and it got even lovelier.

I cannot go shopping to Russia, but I cannot stop admiring their pieces :)) They are so simple, but also have a louder voice than minimalistic Scandinavian design. These days I decided to take screenshots of the ones I love – who knows, maybe one day I will meet something similar. Life can be full of wonders :))

Hope, you are kept warm and inspired this September and that autumn has been kind to you so far.

If you have something that inspires you right now, please share!

And may you walk in beauty!

9 thoughts on “What Inspires Me Right Now

  1. Some lovely pictures on your blog, especially the one from your balcony. can’t help but notice the monochrome picture of Amsterdam. Have you been there? It is a charming city. By the way, India is a very big manufacturing hub for color stone jewelry and is exported, the world over.
    If you are in a mood for checking out some colors, I have just published a new post on a local festival – Teej.

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  2. I also want to have more a green home. . . .but my cat eats real plants. I will soon be going to Spain and France on vacation. I hope to pick up some pieces and inspiration from those places. 😀

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