Color Hunt: All Shades of Lilac 

This summer lilac seemed to be the trendiest color. Or better say, its lavender shade. I’ve seen dresses and t-shirts, bottles and bags in that color. And I found it lovely every time.

At that very time I decided to do the photo hunt for all different shades of lilac and violet (which is one of my favorite colors). But only now did I come to the wish of sharing my finds.

I may seem to be careless and dreamy as I write this now. But actually I do this post from Barcelona which has seen five days of protests against the sentence for the political prisoners. Some of protests were more violent than usually (the Catalans tend to be peaceful in their fight). Today is the day of the biggest demonstration with thousands of people walking from all of Catalonia to Barcelona. It is the day of general strike too.

This week has been an agitated and emotional one. A lot of frustrations flying in the air. I try to stay neutral but I get smitten by the emotions too. Two years ago I was walking the main roads being the part of a demonstration. This time I chose to stay home and be apolitical. These frustrations have woken up my own frustrations over my own part of Ukraine which is in war. And the sound of sirens has brought back the memories of the terror act I experienced in Oslo when the sirens were  on during the whole day. Right now I don’t want to add up more frustrations upon those existing.

What helps me right now is to focus on things I can control – and let everything else go. It is not easy, because my husband and his family are from here. I cannot stay totally uninvolved. But it really helps to direct my energy and feelings towards something I can do or change. Putting my feelings towards something I cannot influence feels draining at times.

So here is my careless little post with photos of all shades of lilac I could find this summer (all of them from Oslo). Used as my little coping strategy amidst the turbulence of times.

Let me know if you have any color hunt or favorite of the moment.

Wishing you a colorful and peaceful October 🙏😊

And may you walk in beauty!

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