Simple Life: My Tea and Coffee Story

I remember when I was a teen, I loved watching the photos of interior magazines – and it always had this one effect on me. After a short while I would look away from the photos and around: and notice beauty everywhere. The everyday beauty of small simple things which would usually escape from my eye. But in these moments everything felt like  magic – like opening some secret ability to see beauty in everything.

I still feel this effect now. This is one of the reasons I keep on buying those magazines. After some minutes I can turn my gaze to my own place and feel inspired. Sometimes I take my camera and start taking photos of those small simple things. Because they are so lovely.

And if our life is often more about simple everyday things, why not make it into a good habit – to notice the niceness of them more often? May it be my practice!

I know I may sound so cliche: but I love coffee :)) And tea. And all that hygge stuff, even though sometimes I would laugh or criticize it. And I like my cups to be pretty, and the process of brewing a cup to feel like a ritual.

Now we’ve got that Nespresso machine that makes coffee brewing pretty easy. But before that I brought this habit from Norway of drinking coffee from the French press. In Norway I used to buy the grinded coffee in the specialty shop, but after a while I discovered that the basic mix from the supermarket was as good (sorry, gourmets!). However, Spanish coffee just seemed to be way too burned, so I went to Ikea for more Scandinavian taste. But that was again too mild. However, the mix of them gave a good familiar taste. That’s why I bought these boxes (also in Ikea), one for the Spanish, one for the Swedish coffee – and would mix them daily in my brew.

Btw, I got this idea of a tray from another interior magazine. It is an easy way to organize your kitchen things like oils and herbs. I have my coffee (and some tea) things all in one place, plus it looks pretty.

The square boxes are from IKEA, the wooden tray and the spoons are from H&M Home (yes, we love the Swedes for this!). The tea can is from Casa and the white sugar jar is from HEMA. The coffee cups on the first pic are from Muy Mucho, the local store for home and decoration. And the posters from (the Swedish online poster store).

So, as the autumn sends us more inside of our homes, let’s look around and find something simple and pretty. And remind ourselves that we are still lucky to live this life, in spite of all the weather conditions 🙂

May you have a cozy November! And share your tea and coffee stories!


8 thoughts on “Simple Life: My Tea and Coffee Story

  1. That tray idea is interesting! It does seem tidier and more planned like that 😍 As for Nespresso, I associate it with southern Europe, I fell in love with it while living in Paris and was immediately in line when they first appeared here in Helsinki, some 8 years ago! 🤗

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  2. I love the reminder of noticing the niceness of simple everyday things! I love those gold spoons, and how the color gold ties up everything together. Just yesterday I bought a pack of floral coasters. The irony of it is that we’re headed for winter, but I’m going going for floral bright decor in the kitchen. Thank you for the organization & decor ideas! May you also have a cozy November!

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    • Thanks for the lovely feedback!
      I guess, as we do something actively, we notice also more. At home, or in any area of our lives.
      And yes to florals! The winter is usually so black and white, we all need some color! go for it!

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  3. Very pretty indeed. At last a SØSTRENE GRENE shop opened in the big city near where I live. I love the simple lines of their tablewares. I’m still waiting for a Zara Home shop and a Buy Mucho too. These two I can only visit while in Marseille.

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