What Inspires Me Right Now

Sometimes everything we need for our creative energy to flow is to switch focus from our daily cares (especially in this busy month of December) and devote some time to ourselves. Investing some time in self-care can give a great payback. One evening I stepped out of my tiredness and did a simple “home spa” routine. Five minutes into it, and my mind was full of thoughts of what inspires me right now, and other ideas. So I want to share them here, together with my home spa routine.

the holiday spirit

Collecting. This holiday season I got especially attentive of all the beautiful decorations in the city. Barcelona has never looked so pretty in the Christmas lights like this year. I would love to take my camera on a photowalk and collect all that beauty before it’s gone. So far I just snap with my mobile here and there. I think it’s a good idea to photo collect Christmas lights – it is my version of being mindful πŸ™‚ It gets me to be more present in where I am and be thankful for all the pretty things around me (the previous photo is from some sweet neighborhood of Philadelphia, USA).

Reading. Before going to USA I bought a book that would match this trip – “Becoming” by Michelle Obama. I didn’t have that much time to read while traveling, so now I have the pleasure to read the rest of it. I like the writing style of this book, honest and inspiring. It got me so curious for the couple of Barack and Michelle Obama that I went online to see some of the videos – they seem so human and at the same time such great role models. If you love life stories and autobiographies like I do, I totally recommend this book!

Shopping. I have seen the name of this shop only in American blogs and magazines. “Anthropologie”. And when I saw it in Savannah, I just had to go and check. So imagine how great it was to discover this very shop in Barcelona, on the main shopping street of Passeig de Gracia. It has everything a girl may love: clothes and accessories, Christmas tree decorations, notebooks, pretty mugs, aromatic candles and so much more for a prett look and cozy home. I bought myself a book “Conscious Creativity” by Philippa Stanton (you can check her on Instagram at @5ftinf. She is such an inspiring artist!). I can’t wait to read the book and start doing its exercises. To all of you creative souls out there, make sure to check this book or its author!

Self-care. One evening I was super tired but instead of throwing myself on the couch with a book (or mobile) I felt a sudden kick in my mind “Go take a shower and pretend it is a home spa” πŸ™‚ So I lit a candle, found a pleasant playlist “Chilled Jazz” on Spotify – and disappeared in the bathroom for 40 minutes. Washing my hair, scrubbing, doing my nails, standing under the hot water, feeling how it’s washing my stress away and the new ideas start flooding my mind. I wish I had a special shower soap for this evening, with some wonderful smell Β – but I will note it for later :))

Of course, I wish I had a bathtub where I could float for some time. But I didn’t think that even simple shower would be enough – plus that cozy atmosphere and having some space and time only for myself. If you feel stressed in the last week before Christmas, try to do a simple routine of self-care, your body and mind will thank you.

How is your December going on? Are you more busy than usually?

Hope, you can enjoy this week, it is almost the last one this year!

And may you walk in beauty!

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