One Year in One Color

I love to write lists, sum-ups, goals (not resolutions) – I just like to write, yes :)) And usually this period around the new year start is a typical time when even those who don’t like to write, find their pens and papers, write lists of what was accomplished in the leaving year (or post them on social media), and then some even get to writing down the resolutions for the new year too.

A lover to write, I usually would gladly join the common listing fever. However, this time I opted out. I wrote down some wishes for myself in this new year (no resolutions, I don’t like the idea of them. Whenever I think “a resolution”, I feel like it’s too hard and kinda setting up for failure. I find that setting goals or making wishes is a much kinder approach :)). I didn’t do the sum-up of the leaving year. I looked back at it and thanked for everything it brought. But I felt that sharing the sum-up would be interesting to no one, not even myself 🙂

But there is one way to look back at year 2019 that I like. As I went through some of my old photos, I noticed there was much of one particular color in them. Of course, it was pink (surprise surprise). So this is what I want to do: to review 2019 in color-themed photos. One year in one color.

after sunset in Little Havana, Miami

One year of exploring at home

One year of exploring the world

(click on any photo to view it full size in gallery)

What can I say? I guess, pink says it all :)) For me it stands for “lovely”, “pleasant” and “friendly”. Year 2019 was a colorful one, with lots of things going on. But it was also what pink means to me. Absolutely!

Do you have one major color for the past year?

Thank you for staying with me through this lovely year!

And may you walk in beauty!

9 thoughts on “One Year in One Color

  1. Buenos! 🙂
    Finally I’ve returned to the one of the oldest my e-mails and I have here a bunch of messages about your english posts.

    Well, my 2019 year was….colorless…But i suppose it is better that previous couple of years which were ash-gray and fully meaningless.

    I am not a big fan of pink, but your pink is great! 🙂

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    • Oh, Manja! I am sorry I haven’t seen it before! Yeeej, pink is always great!
      I just got anti-pc after starting full time job. Spending 8h daily in front of a screen, and then I try to do smth different. Before I would spend some time on my Mac blogging, but I took a break for a while. Hope, all is well with you 😘😘

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